The Voice “Blind Auditions Part 4” Review

This week marks the fourth round of blind auditions on The Voice. As the judges get closer to completing their rosters, they are becoming more reluctant to pick contestants. As a result, there were a lot of strong performers who were not able to get the highly coveted chair turn.

Performance highlights:

Jonathas – in a word, interesting. Interesting name. Interesting choice of song. I was not sure that doing an Usher song just like Usher and using Usher’s choreography would be worthy of a chair turn but in the end, it worked out for Jonathas.

Naia K. earned an almost immediate chair turn from Blake and eventually caught Cee Lo’s attention as well. Naia’s quirky style and unique sound reminded me a bit of season 1 contestant Dia Frampton as noted by Christina.

Tony V. – It takes a lot of balls to cover a Queen song. Tony’s wife deserves an award for being so supportive of her husband’s dreams, particularly when they are expecting a child. Tony’s gamble paid off and he earned a spot on team Cee Lo. I think this is a good match and it will be interesting to see Tony’s progression through the competition.

Anthony E. – Much like the decision to cover any song performed by Freddie Mercury, it is also a ballsy decision to cover Marvin Gaye. Anthony nearly earned a chair turn from Cee Lo but ultimately ended up on Christina’s team. It is difficult to cover Marvin Gaye and even harder to take on a widely recognized song such as “What’s Going On.” Although it was not my favorite performance, I appreciate Anthony’s effort to make the song his own rather than trying to do an impression of Marvin Gaye.

Jaime L. – What an amazing background story! I wonder if the producers are aware of the contestant’s personal history before or after they are selected to audition for the judges. Hmm. Background story aside, Jaime’s audition was one of the night’s best. Like Anthony and Tony, Jaime made a gutsy choice in selecting a Johnny Cash song. I love that Cee Lo used his passion for eating sandwiches as a selling point to woo the vocally talented sandwich maker.

Justin H. – Performing in Carson Daly’s house band certainly cannot hurt your chances of getting a chance to audition on The Voice. It was truly Justin’s night as he was selected by the judge with whom he wanted to work the most – Cee Lo. He and “old soul brother” Cee Lo Green will be a great pair to watch.

Eric T. – You simply cannot go wrong with Hall & Oates. Eric had me from the first note that came out of his mouth. Unfortunately for Eric, the judges were not as smitten with his performance. In a night where the contestants are taking huge song selection risks, Eric did not quite make the cut with his cover of the Hall & Oates classic.

The rolling tally of awkward moments on The Voice continues. . .

>What exactly is in Blake Shelton’s cup?

>”She’s got packages on her mind.” Cee Lo on Christina.

>”You make me giddy.” Blake to Adam.

With the judges not picking that many singers, there were not as many opportunities for banter, which in turn brings about those highly anticipated awkward remarks or moments. Although this week’s contestants were impressive, especially Mathai who closed the episode out strongly, the night was not as memorable as others. This, of course, could be the result of watching four nights of blind auditions and not a reflection of the contestants.

Sound off below on this week’s episode of The Voice. Is it just me or is it starting to feel like these blind auditions will never end?