Raising Hope “Sheer Madness” Review

Raising Hope returned this week with “Sheer Madness”, and this episode was a pretty big deal! After last week’s gamechanging episode where Sabrina and Jimmy finally got together, I was very interested to see how these two would act as a couple. To be honest with you, I was a little concerned.

The thing about “Will they/won’t they” couples on TV shows is that the audience roots for them to get together so much that they start to get upset when they don’t end up together. Then, as soon as the writers actually pull the plug and get the couple together, they have a hard time writing interesting stories for them since the dynamic has changed so dramatically. I was afraid that having Sabrina and Jimmy finally together would be bad for the show, but I will go on record right now and say that I think tonight’s episode might have been the funniest episode of Raising Hope yet.

Man, where do I even begin? The feet shaving, Mee Maw’s stories, Sabrina off her meds, panty-hose on your head, tarantulas crawling on Jimmy, spiders named Arlo and Veronica. I could fill the entire review with moments that had me laughing at the top of my lungs. I genuinely can’t remember an episode packed with such wall-to-wall jokes. Just about everything was a hit tonight.

However, not everything was perfect. I’m usually fine with Burt and Virginia being so reactionary to Jimmy’s story line, but I wish that not every single episode had to have them learning a valuable lesson about their relationship. It seems to be the exact same formula every week. Jimmy is having an emotional dilemma, they offer help, find out that they have a similar problem in their relationship, overreact about the severity of the problem, and spend the rest of the episode figuring it out. This happens in just about every installment, and it’s getting a little bit tired. I’d be totally fine with them just helping Jimmy along with their crazy advice.

This is really just a minor quibble with the show as a whole, though, as it really didn’t bother me in this episode. I was too busy cracking up to care. If all of the “Sabrina and Jimmy are dating” episodes are going to be of this high of a quality, then I say bring it on!

Random Thoughts:

– Mee Maw asking if Sabrina was a “screamer” was one of the most hilariously perverse things she’s ever said. Glorious. Oh, and the choking orgasm thing. Yikes.

– Garrett Dillahunt stumbling through the joke about a priest walking into a barber shop with a parrot on his shoulder was one of the funniest line deliveries he’s ever had.

– In case some of you may have had a hard time placing the face, that was Jackass and Wild Boys‘ Chris Pontius in the hotel bed next to Jimmy. I could barely tell with the arrow sticking through his neck.