New Girl “Bully” Review

Of all the episodes of New Girl so far, “Bully” will probably go down as my least favorite. Sure, important overall plot stuff happened, but when compared to the other laugh-out-loud half-hours we’ve been treated to, this one came up just a little bit short.

Let’s start with my favorite non-couple who are totally hooking up…CeCe and Schmidt. After last week’s one-night-stand, the sex train hasn’t derailed yet, although CeCe is doing everything in her power to hide their affair and Schmidt is totally going along with it for obvious reasons. Yet despite her embarrassment and his insanity, there is something genuinely sweet about this pairing that has me hoping they can make it work. For all of his outrageousness, Schmidt is a deeply caring guy who just wants to be loved. And for all of her prickly defenses, CeCe is a pretty girl who wants to be appreciated for more than her body. They’re sort of perfect for each other, if Schmidt could just take it down a notch. But then again, maybe that’s what makes him so attractive. He never, ever says the right thing.

Now, onto our favorite non-couple who aren’t hooking up but totally should be someday. Nick spent the bulk of the episode trying to figure out the hidden meaning behind Julia’s present of a cactus. Unfortunately, because she was in China on business, he couldn’t just ask her, so he obsessed via voice mail messages. By the time she got back, Nick hadn’t just destroyed the plant; he’d destroyed his relationship, the very thing he’d feared all along. That, Alanis, is truly ironic.

As much as I liked Julia, I can’t say I’m too sad to see her go. I want Nick and Jess to happen and I want no more obstacles in their way!

Speaking of the other half of the non-couple, Jess took on a classroom bully and sort-of won. After becoming the victim of one of her students after she staged a song intervention and it got mocked on the internet, Jess lashed out at the girl’s science project, a robotic arm. When it failed to work at the science fair, she stepped up and took the blame, but rather than getting fired, her boss, Principal Tanya (the always wonderful Rachael Harris), seemed relieved that Jess was finally a real teacher, aka a kid hater. Having been born to a mother who taught school for 32 years, I wasn’t sure whether to find this funny or insulting, but since I have a sense of humor, I feel no need to start a letter writing campaign on behalf of the teachers of America. Not only could they do it themselves, but some of them would find this very funny. No one puts up with the abuse that is heaped on educators in this country without developing a thick skin.

Sorry, that got off track for a second. Basically, Jess gets the final word with the demon kid by making the girl sing a song with her in front of the class. Never change, Jess!

Maybe it was because I had just spent an hour watching an episode of Glee about the serious consequences of bullying, but this story just fell flat for me. I look forward to a better episode next week.

What did you think of the episode? Let me know below!