NCIS: Los Angeles “Blye, K.” Review

NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS) BLYE, K.

In this episode of NCIS: Los Angeles, called “Blye, K.” we finally find out exactly why Kensi went to Hawaii. We knew it had something to do with her father and in this one we learn quite a bit about him. Turns out she thought he was a former sniper killed in a very suspicious car accident, but really he was government sanctioned assassin killed in a very suspicious car accident.

When all the men who were also in Kensi’s dad’s unit start showing up dead in their own suspicious accidents, the evidence seems to point straight to Kensi. The team is stuck between a rock and a hard place, trying to investigate the latest murder but not wanting to find evidence that will put their partner away. Granger tells the team that he believes Kensi only joined NCIS to get to the truth about her father’s death and then kill those she felt were responsible. I admire Kensi’s spirit and I know she never backs down from a fight, but there’s no way I would ever believe she would go out on a killing spree like that.

This one wasn’t even a sneaky two-parter, but a full on one, ending in those three evil words that always make me scream out loud: “To be continued..”

And this time, I was screaming even louder because we were left with Kensi shot and the man who could tell her who killed her father likely dead.

But even with that frustration, I really, really enjoyed this episode. In addition to getting more info on Kensi, I liked what this whole situation did for the team dynamic. Deeks has a rough time with Kensi being in this much trouble, and I thought it was great how everyone also made sure to keep an eye on him, while also looking out for her as well.

I’m actually sorry now that my vacation starts next week and I won’t be able to review the second part of this one. I can’t wait to see what happens though.

My favorite bits..

“You do know it’s not your birthday right?”
“Which is why it would be so surprising.”

Kensi comes from a long line of snipers? You know, that explains a lot.

Hetty telling Granger that she wouldn’t forget him throwing her elite team into chaos.

“My dad was an honorable man, and the last thing I would is dishonor his memory by becoming a killer.”

Hetty telling Deeks to go out onto the streets to do what he does best, and reassuring him that she would take care of Kensi. Aw.

“Focus Beale, you got this.” – I love that Nell didn’t even turn around when she said that.

Deeks bitching and moaning as he crawled out of the backseat of Sam’s car.

“More like MREewwws”

Sam and Callen may have made fun of his Hardy Boys methods, but Deeks did get a new piece of intel doing it.

Deeks pulling out his very, um, profound note for Kensi.

Deeks realizing that he was going to have to bring Kensi in.

Gasping out loud and jumping off my couch when Fisher came out and jumped Callen.

Jumping again when Fisher’s bike blew up.

Sam reassuring Deeks that they were going to get Kensi out of her dilemma.

Knowing that Deeks could call shotgun till he was blue in the face but there was no way that Callen was going to sit in the backseat.

“What? I’m a detective. I detect.”
“Yeah? You’ll detect a black eye if you’ve been on my computer.”

Finding out that Sam has a bomb shelter, and that Callen has crashed there.

Deeks asking Sam and Callen not yell to out “Federal agents!” as that was when people usually started shooting. You know, he has a very valid point.

Kensi single-handedly taking out two agents. That’s my girl.

“You’re not who your past says you are. You’re who you choose to be.”

“Just to clarify, if anything happens to Kensi you’re going to be dealing with me for the rest of your soon to be very short life.” – Yeah! Tell him Deeks.

Harris telling Deeks that he was either lying to himself of hiding from his feelings for Kensi. Whoa.

Sam asking Callen if his remark about it being worse not to know was about him or Kensi.

Noooo! WHAT????? They end it there????

What did you think of this episode of NCIS: Los Angeles? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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