Hawaii Five-0 “Kupale” Review


Okay so I’m going to say right up front that I did not sit down to watch this episode of Hawaii Five-0 (called “Kupale), with an attitude of “ding dong the witch is dead! Time to celebrate!” Yes, I was happy last week that Lori left, but I did not come into this one looking to find all the ways that her presence messed up the team dynamic.

And yet, I found myself noting over and over again how awesome the team interactions were in this one. From the beginning when Steve comes home to find Danny starting a small fire in his kitchen, to the end where the whole group was together, the entire episode was nothing but team goodness from start to finish. Plus it gave us TWO carguments this time, which made my heart very happy.

In this episode, Five-0 is on the case of a murdered man who is a Hawaiian war reenactor and while that was a really interesting case, I still couldn’t help but be more excited by what was happening with the team as they solved it. In addition to the moments I mentioned above, I also liked how Gabby became a bigger part of the story this week. Not only do they call on her for help with the case, but Danny decides (after a bit of nagging from Steve of course) that it’s time she met his daughter. In the end he does it with all of his friends around him, which was brilliant and unbelievably sweet.

Overall, what can I say? As far as character stuff goes, this episode was top notch. We had Danny and Steve working together a lot, Kono and Chin providing the awesome backup that they always do and Max with his usual quips – it was perfect.

My favorite bits..

Funny, Danny’s dinner sort of looks like mine did last night.

“You have aneurism face. Why?”

Something tells me that Steve is definitely going to think twice before asking Danny to housesit for him again.

Steve calling Danny “Emeril.”

Danny asking Max to, respectfully, zip it.

Well, we have Civil War reenactors, why not Hawaiian ones on the island?

Awww..that’s so sweet that Kono just wants to see Danny happy.

Steve knowing that Danny does a “thing” when he lies..and knowing when Danny was avoiding his questioning.

Yes! Cargument! Is it wrong that I could literally listen to those two argue in a car for an entire episode & be perfectly happy?

“I’m happy when I’m not around you.”
“That’s a lie too, you love me.” – LOL! I notice Danny didn’t deny that.

Danny calmly informing the officer that he *might* want to pull his men off of the house because Steve was, undoubtedly, about to do something insane. Now, whatever gave him that idea?

Danny describing their suspect as an “opportunistic dumbass after all.”

TWO carguments?? Oh writers, you know me so well.

“I would LOVE to come to dinner.”
“Thank you.” – The funniest part about that exchange was the looks on their faces.

No way! They can get a fingerprint from the screen? That is beyond awesome.

*Steve slams on gas pedal*
“Not the answer I was looking for!” – No, but it worked didn’t it?

The look on Steve’s face when Danny dove into the water.

Wet!Danny. That is all.

“Book’em Danno.”
“Book me a towel.”

Threatening to kill a woman in front of Steve? Good way to get yourself shot there, buddy.

Everybody laughing at Danny for checking, and double-checking, that they were all coming to his dinner.

Finally understanding why Danny invited everyone to dinner. He wanted them there to support him when Gabby and Gracie met for the first time. My heart is breaking from the sweetness.

Steve making his little zipping of the lips sign to Danny.

Gabby, Grace and Danny making the butterfly in the sand, with Steve looking on and smiling. Awwwwww!

What did you think of this episode of Hawaii Five-0? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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