Glee “On My Way” Review

I really want to preface this review by saying that I think what the writers of Glee tried to do with this week’s episode, “On My Way,” was both important and necessary. But while I wholeheartedly agree with their message, I can’t help but shake my head in dismay at its maudlin and melodramatic execution.

Dave Karofsky has been on my suicide watch list since the moment he kissed Kurt last year, so I wasn’t at all surprised to see the show go down that road. Suicide, especially amongst LGBT teens, is a very scary reality in our society today, and while I could spent pages and pages pointing the finger of blame at politicians who insist on treating a large percentage of Americans as second-class citizens and denying them their rights, which throws fuel onto the fire of ignorance and hatred, I will just say that kids learn how to treat others based on how the adults in their lives treat others. Surround a kid with a message of hate and trust me, he will take the message to heart.

Stepping off my soap box, Dave’s suicide attempt was like a bombshell for the Glee club. Kurt blamed himself, Quinn was angry at Dave’s selfishness, while Finn and Rachel saw no reason to postpone their wedding and decided to get married right after Regionals. Life, after all, is short.

But the biggest and most unrealistic result of Dave’s tragedy was Sebastian’s complete 180. Now, I believe in forgiveness, but I also believe in repentance. In what was literally the space of ten minutes, Sebastian went from blackmailing Rachel with photoshopped pics of Finn’s naughty bits to starting up a collection at Regionals for other kids at risk of suicide. Um…yeah. I don’t think it’s too much to ask for a little natural character development. It would have been fine to show Sebastian’s remorse in subtle ways…a look in his eyes after the flashback to the insults he threw at Dave, for example…but subtle has never been Glee’s strong suit. It might be something they need to learn because even in their crazy universe of songs and dance numbers, turning your villain into a beaming beacon of sunshine in less time than it takes Blaine to slick back his hair is only going to annoy everyone you asked to hate that character only a few episodes earlier.

So, Regionals, which apparently was the first time Hiram and LeRoy had ever witnessed Rachel sing based on the astonished looks on their faces. Putting that unlikely scenario aside, New Directions won. Was there really any suspense over that one? I’m far more interested in figuring out who fathered Sue’s baby. Yes, Sue is pregnant, and so far it seems to be turning her into a warm puddle of happy goo. Not only did she offer to help the Glee club take Nationals, but she finally allowed Quinn to rejoin the Cheerios.

Of course, putting Quinn in that spanking fresh uniform was the Glee equivalent of handing her a red shirt on the USS Enterprise. As Finn and Rachel prepared to say their “I Do’s” at the courthouse (while their parents frantically scrambled for a way to derail the ceremony), Quinn made the possibly-fatal mistake of texting behind the wheel and failed to see the large semi-truck that T-boned her car. Life, as previously stated, is short.

There was very little glee in this week’s episode, but there were two very important public service announcements buried under all the melodrama. I am certainly not trying to belittle either one of them, and I’m also not saying that Glee got it completely wrong. I hope that some kid out there who is getting bullied and beat-up and told that they don’t matter will see this show and do exactly what Will had the Glee kids do…find one thing that they want to see or do in the future and hold onto that through all the hurt and all the hate.

But for Pete’s sake, may they not text that happy thought to their friends while operating a moving vehicle. If Quinn survives, I’m sure she’d agree.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Let me know below!