Once Upon a Time “What Happened to Frederick” Review

True love is trying so hard to conquer all, but evil queen Regina just won’t let it. In “What Happened to Frederick,” this week’s Once Upon a Time, she has to really work to keep not only Snow and Charming apart, but to ensure that poor Kathryn/Abigail never gets to meet her gym teacher/brave knight.

In Fairytale Land, Charming runs away from his impending wedding to Abigail, only to be caught by her soldiers. But rather than the witch with a “b” we always assumed she was, Abigail proves herself to be one of the good guys; she doesn’t want to marry Charming because she’s in love with someone else, too. Unfortunately, her someone else was a knight who was accidentally turned into gold while trying to defend her father, King Midas.

Having nothing to live for after Snow was blackmailed into breaking his heart, Charming offers to help Abigail by slaying a beast who guards a lake with magical waters that can un-gold Sir Frederick. The beast turns out to be a Siren (not the Little Mermaid like I couldn’t help but think when she first appeared), but Charming doesn’t fall for her tricks, even when she transforms into Snow. After a surprisingly bloody underwater battle, he slays the Siren and brings the water back to Frederick.

With Abigail happily reunited with her knight, Charming rides off, determined to reunite with his own love. But Red Riding Hood (who really needs to be given something else to do besides look hot and provide exposition) tells him that she hasn’t seen Snow since she went off to stop his wedding, and reassures him that Snow loves him more than anything. His father arrives just then, though, and they both flee into the forest.

Back in Storybrooke, Kathryn tells David that she’s gotten into a law school in Boston and wants to leave the town to make a fresh start. At the urging of Mary Margaret, he finally tells Kathryn that he wants to end their marriage, but he neglects to tell her the real reason why. Of course this comes back to bite him when Regina happily tells Kathryn the truth, and even shows her photographic proof.

Boy, David sure isn’t charming in the real world, and Mary Margaret is starting to figure that out, especially after the town turns against her and treats her like a homewrecker. She breaks up with David, but shouldn’t have gone to the trouble since Kathryn eventually realizes that the two of them were meant to be together. She made the mistake of telling Regina about her peace with the affair; the evil mayor promptly finds and burns the letter Kathryn left David that told him to be with Mary Margaret, and when Kathryn tries to drive out of town, she vanishes, leaving only her car behind for gym teacher Frederick to find.

And in Mysterious Stranger news, we learned that his name is August, he believes there’s a magical lake beneath the town and he carefully added a few pages to Henry’s book before arranging for Emma to find it. Is he trying to conceal information or lend the story a helping hand? There’s just no way to tell at this point, but I remain suspicious.

It was a good episode, but I feel like in trying to keep David and Mary Margaret apart, the writers are dangerously close to make him unappealing. For some reason we’re willing to forgive a guy who lies to his wife, but if he lies to his true love…all bets are off, even if he was trying to keep people from getting hurt. I want to see him find the courage and conviction that he had in Fairytale Land.

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