How I Met Your Mother “No Pressure” Review

In terms of what happened between Robin and Ted, tonight’s episode of How I Met Your Mother took the narrative exactly where I had hoped it would. “No Pressure” let Ted close the book on Robin. I’m happy they didn’t drag out the inevitable over the course of a few episodes, because as painful as it was for Ted to finally let go of Robin, it was long overdue.

There was a general undercurrent of vulnerability and sincerity that ran throughout this episode. Ted had laid his feelings bare for Robin. Robin returned and was honest that she didn’t love him the way he wanted her to love him. Barney finally told Ted about what had happened between him and Robin and even Marshal and Lily’s long time secret of placing bets on their friends was uncovered. Everything was finally out in the open.

I really loved the talk that Ted and Barney had about their Robin situation. In typical Barney fashion, he appeared to be holding back a waterfall of emotions behind his cool reaction to the news that Kevin and Robin had broken up. Barney’s persona turned off momentarily when he admitted his heartbreak to Ted but he didn’t admit that he was over Robin.

Barney ended up including Robin in his bro code and admitted that he only wished for her happiness even if that meant it wasn’t with him. There was, however, a little bit of affliction in Barney’s voice as he explained that he didn’t care what Robin chose to do. Ted and Robin may have put an end to their story, but Robin and Barney still have to figure out where their story will go.

I was moved by Marshall’s moment with Robin when he went to do the difficult job that Ted would never have been able to do himself. Marshall gently told Robin that she had to move out. It was the nudge Robin needed to do what her heart had already been telling her she needed to do. I’m not sure where Robin will end up, or how that change will affect the group dynamic, but Marshall was right – it needed to happen.

As emotional as the main story line was, this episode of How I Met Your Mother wasn’t all drama. There were some great comedic moments that stemmed from Lily and Marshall’s “Long Term Bets” box. Marshall nonchalantly telling Robin she could keep Lily’s hairdryer and Marshall and Lily betting at Ted and Stella’s wedding were both hilarious little moments. I especially liked what happened as a result of Barney’s determination to find Lily and Marshall’s sex tape. Lily encouraging Barney to watch the tape while Marshall described his odd and unattractive sex habits was classic How I Met Your Mother humor.

For someone like Ted, who had been known for frequently blurting out “I love you” to all the wrong people, it was rather significant for him to point out to his children that he wouldn’t say those words to anyone after Robin until he met their mother. It was hard to watch him face reality with Robin, but ultimately I felt optimistic about where Ted was going in his life. In the final scene of tonight’s How I Met Your Mother, we saw that there were plenty of yellow umbrellas in the city. Now Ted has nothing stopping him from grabbing the right one and never letting go.