House “Man of the House” Review

House returned this week with its second episode since the series end was announced, “Man of the House”. Knowing that only nine more episodes remain for the entire show, it makes it difficult not to be overly analytic about every remaining installment. We want to get as much closure, as many big moves, and as much build up to the end as possible. Unfortunately, we get episodes that go ultimately nowhere like tonight.

Now I know that they didn’t know the show would be ending when this episode was shot, but they did know that there was a big chance it would end soon. I’m just a teeny bit disappointed that we don’t seem to be ramping up to anything substantial.

Anyway, I guess I should actually talk about the episode itself now. There was nothing here we haven’t seen before. The whole “My husband’s good behavior is a symptom” has been done so many times on this show, and it’s been done better. Also, how many times have we heard the wife do the whole “This isn’t the person I married” speech? Then at the end we even get the cherry on top, as the patient decides that he’d rather have poor health if it means he’ll be a better man. Spare me.

Thankfully this week, as with most weeks on House, the story involving the patient isn’t the most important part. We didn’t have just one side story this week, but two. Our first story involved the four team members all vying for House’s number two spot. This was a cute idea, but didn’t really do anything different in the whole “House’s team is bickering/competing” department.

The more interesting sub-plot was the one involving the return of the always entertaining Dominika. Seeing the two of them quiz each other for their immigration interview was cute, and Dr. Park AKA “The Bookie Monster” was the perfect character to use for the cram session. This great little side story was complete with a great attempt by Wilson to masquerade as House’s English neighbor. With an accent straight out of Downton Abbey, Robert Sean Leonard was pretty hilarious, especially when House’s real disgruntled neighbor caught him in the act.

Even with a fun side-plot, it wasn’t enough to keep this episode from feeling a little samey. I hope we get some more resolution, and I’d be happy to see Dominika stick around a little bit longer as well.

Random Thoughts:

– I like how Adams has a line at the beginning about how Chase’s limp is gone. He only had to limp through one episode, and he’s all better already? Hugh Laurie has got to be saying “Hey, I’ve had to limp for eight years! What gives?!”

– Park hasn’t had a whole lot to do on the show recently, so I really liked her increased role this episode. I loved how she was the only one who laughed at House’s “Number 2” joke, and her constant jabs at Adams were hilarious.

– Michael B. Jordan is the patient on next week’s episode! Jordan was on two of the greatest TV dramas of all time, The Wire and Friday Night Lights. So if you don’t want to listen to me fanboying out for a whole article, I recommend NOT reading next week’s review.