Gossip Girl “Cross Rhodes” Review

I think something might genuinely be wrong with Blair Waldorf and I’m not just talking about her fashion sense as of late. After watching this week’s episode of Gossip Girl, “Cross Rhodes,” I went online and diagnosed our erstwhile princess with histrionic personality disorder. Amongst other things, the symptoms of this mental disorder are rapidly shifting emotional states, a need to be the center of attention and a “tendency to believe that relationships are more intimate than they actually are.”

How else can we possibly be expected to believe that only a matter of weeks after declaring her ever-growing and eternal love for Chuck, Blair would suddenly realize that she has had hidden feelings for Dan all along? There has to be something physically wrong with her, otherwise she’s still just a spoiled little rich girl who wants to have all of her toys and play with them, too. Does she need every man in Serena’s life to love her more? And how long is Serena going to let her get away with being emotionally immature? She forgave her way too quickly; talk about an enabler!

I felt not one iota of pity for Dan when Chuck arranged for a plagiarized book proposal to be sent to his publisher, and that’s saying something for a writer. I just wish it had actually worked, but in the end, Chuck did the moral (if not right) thing by sending the proper copy to Dan’s agent, thus proving that he is so much better than Lonely Boy. Maybe, dare I say, too good for Blair these days? If her feelings for him are so easily forgotten and dismissed, then he deserves someone who won’t take all of his efforts to be a better person in vain. Someone, again I dare say, like Serena? It’s not a pairing I particularly endorse, but at this point, I would rather see them rolling around in an alley than watch Blair and Dan lock lips.

But the impossible rhombus of romance took a relative backseat this week as the Great Charlie Charade came to an end. After failing to successfully cyber-stalk Ivy/Charlie, Lola/Charlie found her impersonator through Nate’s phone and tracked her all the way to the hospital where all of the Rhodes and Van der Woodsen women gathered after Grandma CeCe’s health took a turn for the worse. The two Charlie’s came face to face and the big secret finally spilled out after several exhausting seasons. Of course Ivy bolted and, having nowhere else to go, made her way to Gossip Girl, and Lola vowed that she would never speak to her mother again. But her silent treatment took a momentary pause as the family mourned the passing of their matriarch.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s talk about Chuck’s next move. In an effort to heat up Manhattan, Gossip Girl forwarded him the email in which Dan sent in the video of Blair’s pre-wedding ceremony love confession. Appropriately appalled by Dan’s betrayal of not only the bro-code, but all laws of basic human decency, what will Chuck do with this nugget of priceless information? If he goes straight to Blair, she’ll likely only see it as his attempt to drive her and Dan apart. He’ll have to be smarter than that, but on that front, I have absolute faith in him. He will make Dan pay, one way or another, but unlike Dan, he’ll do everything in his power to protect Blair from getting hurt by the fall-out. He actually loves her.

Dan just loves the pretty image of her that he created for his book.

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