American Dad “Old Stan in the Mountain” Review

There are a lot of things that exist in Stan’s world that make him angry. In “Old Stan in the Mountain,” it happened to be the elderly, but Stan has been condescending and rude to various groups of people in the past. There’s a somewhat typical course of events that follow in American Dad episodes that focus on Stan’s ignorance: Stan will start out as his typical jerk self, only to go through some kind of experience that will help him learn a lesson about his bad behavior.

That pretty much sums up the A-story from tonight’s episode. I generally don’t find Stan very funny when he’s just rambling off insults. Once Stan got out to Kilimanjaro with Haley and Steve, I found myself enjoying the story much more. Stan had completely lost his mind and Haley and Steve were so nice to him while being completely oblivious to his multiple failed attempts to kill them.

After taking abuse from a younger hiker, Stan eventually learned empathy which was the key to lift the curse of his advanced aging. The reveal of a second curse layered beneath Stan’s elderly curse was an unexpected twist that made me chuckle at the sight of him. If Stan’s curse required that he walk a mile in the shoes of every person he’s ever discriminated against, he probably wouldn’t return to his normal self for years.

Meanwhile, Roger had been dragging Francine through a minefield of his lies. I completely believed that this story was going to be about Roger and Francine going to a dance competition, but from Roger’s first “I haven’t been entirely truthful with you” I realized that I wasn’t going to get what I had expected.

Roger played all his emotional cards and manipulated Francine into doing everything he wanted just so he could use his ex-wife’s beautiful red hair for a new wig. Francine’s retaliation at the end was hilarious and I got the heartiest laugh out of watching her throw Roger off the cliff while he screamed “I have the car keys in my pocket you stupid biiiii……!” Roger should have learned by now to pick another mark for this kind of scheme. He might get away with his manipulative games when he’s teamed up with Steve, but Francine can be absolutely merciless and vindictive.

Tonight’s episode of American Dad happened to be one where the sub plot was stronger than the main story line. Although there were a handful of gags in Stan’s plot that I enjoyed, I actually got most of my laughs from Francine and Roger’s B-plot.