Being Human (UK) “The Graveyard Shift” Review

This week Being Human continued to integrate Hal and Tom into the household by giving us ‘The Graveyard Shift’, an episode that primarily serves as a team building exercise. But there are no obstacle courses or trust-your-partner games here, oh no, instead the boys try to — unenthusiastically, it must be said — chat up a girl, Annie almost walks away from them, and it’s all brought together at the end with a little stake ‘n vac. (See what I did there? Genius. Just you wait, a year from now…)

This was such a simple episode; the majority of it was Hal and Tom being ridiculous, while Annie and Regus were, well, being ridiculous. There was some plot forwarding, with the revelation that Hal is an old one, Fergus being staked, Regus (in a ‘Team Edward’ t-shirt) revealing more of the prophecy (a man with a burnt arm who is the ‘nemesis’, apparently), and a mysterious 1970s looking ghost coming out through another ghost’s doorway. (The preview for next week makes him look like some sort of ghostly babysitter/doctor. Could he be the man with the burnt arm?)

Back to this week: I really loved George and Mitchell’s interactions, but I can’t remember an occasion where they made me laugh half as much as Hal and Tom did in this episode. My favourite part of the episode had to be Tom’s suave attempt at up chatting ‘eccentric’ writer Michaela: “I like your tights. You look like a bee, and I like bees.” Priceless. As amusing as Michaela herself was, and as glad as I am that she was turned into a vampire, I really hope we don’t see her again. Once was more than enough.

Between the flashback at the start of the episode (with that awful, unconvincing moustache) and some dialogue later on, we now know that Hal knew Ivan, Hettie and Wyndham. I can’t remember dates and events mentioned in the previous three series (this may involve episode re-watches, notecards and highlighter pens) but what do we think the chances are that Hal knew, or knew of, Mitchell? Answers in the comments below, folks.

But as I said above, this episode was really about pulling the household together. Annie needed to know that the guys have her back, Hal and Tom needed to learn how to get along, and all three of them needed to find their fit in this new family.

There were some pretty obvious moments at the end of the episode, though: the werewolf/ghost/vampire stand off that was similar to the end of series 3, and the call out to ‘The Real Hustle’ as they all settled down to watch TV (their new show: The Antiques Roadshow). It was a little too much of a reminder that Hal and Tom are not Mitchell and George and, to be honest, I don’t think it was necessary. But now that our new characters are settled in, the family unit is formed, and we’ve all seen how well they work together — roll on the rest of series 4!

What did you think of ‘The Graveyard Shift’? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!