Blue Blood “Parenthood” Review

The opening robbery scene was one of the of most intense of any of the Blue Bloods episodes. The racism should have been beside the point considering the family’s lives were in danger, but it made the situation ten times worse; for it not to be a random crime of violence but one targeted. When they showed the body of the slightly repentant kid it felt like a let down. It would have been more cathartic to have the smug, truly awful robber be gunned down. It was tough for him to blame the plan and overall racists tendencies on his dead friend when you know he must have came up with it.

I know it’s not as exciting as go to work with your cool cop uncles for a day, but going to work with your mom the New York City DA should be a little more appealing than what her classmates must have to deal with. I understood that she had to take out her anger over her dad neglecting her on her mom since she’s the only parent there, but I didn’t understand her need for that anger to take the form of defending her father and things her father represented. Wouldn’t it have been just as easy to leave her dad out of it and get angry at behavior restrictions or some other generic teen anger? She also seems to agree with Grandpa a little quickly that she should give her mom some slack, though I guess it would be hard to say no to Frank. Her mom getting to hear her complementary essay at the end was cute, but I was a little confused on the timeline. Did she right the mom-lovefest essay all the while being mean towards her in real life, or was it her first effort to be nicer?

I wonder if the first is the worse, second is the best rule works in actual police work or just on TV. Because when the father of the robbed household is picked up so quickly for the robber’s murders, you know there has to be someone else who at least helped. I feel like Danny barely had to coach the son on the confession because he already said the magic words, that he was scared they’d come back. For all his arguing with Erin over whether or not to go easy on the family, I felt like they would get a lot of sympathy in court. When the jurors heard that they were robbed at gunpoint in their own home, wouldn’t it seem like self defense against a future attack?

It was nice and seemed fair for Frank to go easy on the college students who could have there whole lives ruined by that one protest mistake, but adding the mayors secret daughter into the mix seemed unnecessary unless that story line is going to come back. The last scene when he helped her wash the graffiti was just strange, I’ve heard of hiding an abusive father from your child, but not letting your eighteen-year-old daughter know the mayor of her city is her dad? That’s strange.

What did you think of the episode? Should Frank have been lenient on the protesting college students?