A Gifted Man “In Case of Co-Dependents” Review

‘In Case of Co-Dependents’, this week’s episode of A Gifted Man brought us three cases, none of which were the strongest the show has done, but all of which worked thanks to some great acting and some more insight into the characters’ private lives.

The first two cases were a struggling pop star who entered Holt Neuro and a young child being treated at the clinic. They shared almost identical symptoms, but it wasn’t until quite late in the episode before their stories converged, and we learned that they were both suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Meanwhile Anton suffered from ‘somatoparaphrenia’ post-shooting, a delusional state that made him believe his injured arm didn’t actually belong to him. It wasn’t fully explained how he ended up with this condition, but he was fixed up by a cold water ear irrigation, which seemed less strange to Anton than it probably did to the average viewer.

For me, the carbon monoxide cases were more interesting before they were resolved. That Michael learned about the little girl’s symptoms just as Autumn discovered the link between her mother and the pop star was a little too convenient. Still, the strong acting and the hints that perhaps the little girl wasn’t hallucinating when she saw her dead grandmother stopped these two cases from feeling like a letdown.

Exactly how Anton ended up with somatoparaphrenia was left unexplained, and the whole plot could have done with more time, as well as an explanation of how and why cold water irrigation helps (and so quickly, too). But it was great to see another side of Anton, one that was less zen and more, well, average.

It’s a shame there wasn’t too much elaboration on the relationship between Anton and Christina. Last week she was kissing Zeke, this week she’s cuddling up to Anton, who, admittedly, did say it was ‘complicated’. While it’s great that Christina is being integrated into the show more, she doesn’t feel like a fully formed character yet; we know what both Anton and Zeke want (or at least we can assume) but what does Christina want?

We also found out this week that Rita used to be an alcoholic and lost her nursing registration (and that she’s thankful to Michael for taking a chance on her), and that Kate’s husband has been looking into securing his assets in case of a divorce (because he doesn’t think Kate gives him enough of her time), the latter of which looks like it might set the stage for the hinted at Kate/Michael relationship. (At the very least they’re destined to become good friends — after all, he was her drunk call.)

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