Up All Night “Travel Day” Review

Unwilling to be left out of a friend’s wedding, but even more determined to stick it to another set of parents who advise them against it, Regan and Chris decided it was time for Amy’s first plane trip in “Travel Day,” this week’s episode of Up All Night.

Traveling alone these days is a massive hassle. Arranging a last minute flight with a baby…it was little wonder that Regan was at her wits end, especially when her minute-by-minute foolproof plan for keeping Amy quiet and perfect during the flight started to unravel. First they had to wait in the security line, and then when they got there, Amy’s formula and Regan’s expensive hand lotion both got chucked into the bin as potential liquid explosives.

Through all of this, Chris was not helping, first by constantly apologizing for Regan’s attitude and then by regaling the security line with his Michael Keaton impressions. True, Regan was making things more difficult than they had to be, but maybe we’re all too conditioned just to keep our heads down and make no fuss that could attract the attention of the TSA. I was once asked to go through the full-body scanner and then was felt up immediately afterwards. Did I say anything? No, because I really needed to get on my flight. We are all airport sheep.

Sorry! Off the soapbox. In the end, Chris stuck up for his wife and his baby when they boarded the plane and got all the usually nasty looks and comments. He also bought everyone a drink. I wish more parents would do that.

Meanwhile, Ava became an ordained online minister in order to perform the wedding ceremony for her old friend and song collaborator. Kevin came along with her, but there was some strife when he made it clear that he has absolutely no desire to get married again. Nothing makes a woman, even a confirmed bachelorette like Ava, want to get married more than a man saying he won’t even consider it. (Hello, Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Big?) The marriage question wasn’t resolved, so it leads me to believe we’ll be hearing more about it in the future.

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