The Big Bang Theory “The Rothman Disintegration” Review

Whatever Sheldon wants, Sheldon gets, and in this week’s episode of The Big Bang Theory, “The Rothman Disintegration,” he wanted the office of a recently retired professor. Unfortunately, his old nemesis Kripke wanted it, too, and the men were forced to duel it out on the basketball court.

Before I get into that craziness, though, let me just point out that at no time does Sheldon ever make it clear exactly why he wants the office, other than just the thrill of having won it, of course. This is a man who knows every inch of his surroundings, not to mention the temperature and sunlight quotient of each individual square foot. I find it hard to believe that when he eventually won the room because he could bounce a ball higher than Kripke, he didn’t know that the office would be horrible. And that’s horrible by Sheldon’s standards; anyone else would have made do with an off-key mockingbird outside their window.

That being said, the epic basketball showdown was wonderful. Have we ever seen Sheldon attempting to play sports? We should do that again sometime; it’s like watching a fish try to walk on land.

Meanwhile, Amy presented her BFF with a gigantic portrait of the two of them, no doubt painted from a picture that Penny wasn’t thrilled to have been in, judging by the look on her face. It set Amy back about three grand and obviously Penny hated it. Yet she had enough heart to know that turning the gift down would break Amy’s fragile heart. And it very nearly did when Amy realized that Penny didn’t like the monstrosity. Fortunately, Penny was able to convince Amy that the only reason she didn’t leave the painting up was to spare Bernadette’s feelings as she wasn’t included. And people say Penny can’t act!

This would have been a good chance for the show to address Amy’s Penny obsession, though. It’s just getting bigger and more awkward, especially when Amy discloses that the original portrait had them both nude. I think Amy just has a girl crush, and on some level it’s funny, but at this point, Penny is pretty much just friend with Amy because she feels massively sorry for her. That could change if Amy would drop the creepy fangirl stuff; they can’t be true and equal friends while Amy has Penny on such a high pedestal.

A lot of time was spent on the basketball duel, so the episode felt very short this week. Still, it was a funny half-hour, as The Big Bang Theory usually is.

Best Lines:

Kripke: You have a complete advantage at trivia. You have an eidetic memory, plus I haven’t watched Star Trek since I realized the strip club near my apartment has a free buffet.

Leonard: (watching Sheldon and Kripke playing basketball) You know all those terrible things bullies used to do to us?
Raj: Yeah?
Leonard: I get it.

Bernadette: I’ve gotta go. I gotta get up early. My company is testing a new steroid that supposedly doesn’t shrink testicles, and the last one there has to do the measuring.

Sheldon: Why is there a hole in my new office? I’ve narrowed it down to two possibilities. There was something in the wall that someone outside of the wall wanted, or the more disturbing, there was something in the wall that wanted out.

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