Project Runway All Stars “Puttin’ on the Glitz” Review

Yes Jerrell, Rami going home last week on Project Runway is a game changer. It’s changed to a game that I no longer want to watch! Thankfully, we still have Mondo and Austin to count on for great designs. We also learned tonight that Austin has hairstyling skills too. Is there anything Austin can’t do?!?

This week’s Project Runway challenge required the contestants to create a costume for a member of the Godspell cast. I was pretty sure the drama in the design room will be more intense than the drama on stage. Speaking of melodrama, I think Mila was overstating the extent to which Kenley and Kara need each other for emotional support. Both of these women have been through this competition before and know what it is like to bond with another contestant who eventually exits the competition before them.

Joanna was in rare form this week. She hated Austin’s fabric, told Kara she was not producing at an “all star” level and evidently, pencil skirts are a symbol of power. Kudos to Joanna for pointing out that this is the first time in 7 episodes that Kenley has not used polka dots.

I now follow Anthony on twitter and according to him, whoever we see the most in the first 15 minutes is likely going home. Based on that theory, I’m worried for Kara. It kills me to see Mondo internalizing the comments made by Cynthia Rowley on last week’s episode of Project Runway. I’m sure Mondo realizes now that most of the viewing audience loved his outfit and could not understand the judge’s scoring.

Runway time…

>Michael – Chiquita banana.

>Kenley – a Christmas/Easter explosion.

>Austin – although the outfit was a bit Jem and the Holograms, I liked it.

>Jerrell – how old is the character for whom Jerrell made this design? 90? Very Katherine Chancellor on The Young and The Restless.

>Mondo – a wee bit Broadway feline but I liked it.

>Mila – the fur coat and the lime green beach-inspired look was not a good match. It looked like an outfit for Paris Hilton.

Anthony’s theory proved reliable. Poor Kara – what does it even mean to go home on the day when Isaac tells you that your look was the best he’s seen.

Sound off below on this week’s episode of Project Runway. Did the right designer go home?