Private Practice “You Break My Heart” Review

In the case of the heart patient Dr. Reily did IVS for, I’m on the side of Sam, I really, really think that before get a patient pregnant you should probably listen to her heart, do a full work-up, something that would reveal to you the giant scar down her chest. And while I get that this woman really, really wanted a baby, what did she think was going to happen when she stopped taking her anti-rejection drugs? That’s medication with a very specific, obvious purpose.

I did not expect Violet’s boy toy to agree to continuing the casual relationship after he’d asked for something more, and now he just seems less respectable as a character. Once you put it out there that you need more in your relationship you’ve put out a sort of ultimatum and by compromising his needs he’s compromising him self. It looks like “You Break My Heart” might be setting Violet and Pete up for a make-up since this was the first episode in a while that Pete was completely civil to her, plus there seemed to be some non-anger related tension when they crossed paths by the refrigerator.

Mason’s mom’s surgery was just not as heart-pounding as it should have been. I guess ninety seconds isn’t long enough to build the appropriate tension. And fixing her brain entirely with one surgery, when she had been told she was dying with no hope in sight was a dramatic let down, it was like the tension from the previous episodes had just been a lie. It was almost disappointing to see her pull through after Charlotte’s great step-mom moments, first with Mason’s mom when she made her promise to be a mom to Mason, then when she didn’t hold anything back about the danger his mom was in. That is one brave kid for not completely breaking down when Charlotte rattled of all the ways his mom could have died or been seriously injured as they spoke.

While I understand why Sheldon was cautious about getting Sam’s sister excited about her new state of mental clarity and optimism considering she could hit a low at any moment, I still think he could have been a little more encouraging. It also didn’t make much sense that Sam could forgive and forget what her ten year absence had done to him and his mother until he found out she’d been living close by for an extended period of time, and then her absence was just unforgivable. I mean it would make sense to be a little annoyed when he found out she had been just out of reach for so long, but the blow-up seemed incongruous with his previous attempts to let her back into his life. Her speech towards the end out the last decade of her life being her battle and not his was really, powerful, you could really see the hurt in her eyes.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Will Addison be able to start something with Dr. Reily or will she always be hung up on Sam?