I Just Want My Pants Back “Pecker Necklace” Review

Illustrating Jason’s new-found poverty by opening with him counting out nickels to buy a back of gum (and not even a normal square back, the puny little bundle of sticks) was great, but having the cashier be concerned over his possible eating disorder made it even better. Giving him the bagel on the house was sweet and helpful; maybe if Jason can convince other shop owners he’s starving himself on purpose rather than out of necessity he can get enough free food to tide him over from his joblessness (since you unfairly have to be fired or layed off to collect unemployment).

His plan to use the last of his money to have a fun night out with Tina seems doomed from the start; when you’re that destitute having a last financial harrah is too risky, the universe will conspire against you so that you waste your money rather than enjoy it.

While involving Tina into a bachelorette party is a funny set up, I just can’t picture Tina as a sorority girl, even one who quit junior year. I’m also not sure why someone living in Arizona would fly to the east coast for a bachelorette party, couldn’t she just have easily called all her friends down to LA or Las Vegas? That said the bride to be was a fun, high pitched high energy addition to the more mellow set of I Just Want My Pants Back.

It was amusing to see sloppy Stacey come out, but her speech to Tina about how she was sick of always being the grown up came a little too early in the series, the audience needs to see more instances of her having her friends’ backs at the expense of her own good time for it to seem merited.

The back and forth between Jason and his ailing pot dealer went from good to great when he convinced Jason to rub down his back with menthol rub with the line, “Be a human being.” It wasn’t just that Jason really, really wanted his pot, in the face of his awkwardness and mild disgust the dealer succeeded in making him feel genuinely guilty for not wanting to help out someone who’s sick. Jason riding a bike while holding a giant penis pinata was impressive, as was his willingness to some a bachelorette-party related errand when it was that shin-dig that was completely ruining his night. He can be a really good friend.

Eric’s first night at the hospital seemed like a throw away plot line, something that wasn’t written i to the episode to improve it, just something to remind the audience that he’s a med student in case his medical expertise becomes important to future episodes.

Jason joining the hipster marching band in the last scene was sweet, showing that for all his wallowing about his joblessness and inability to find the pants girl he can still have a good time. He was right though, he should never, ever dance, even cloaked in darkness and irony.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Is Tina a bad friend for trying to bail on the bachelorette party and leaving Stacey behind? Will Jason ever find the pants girl?