Grey’s Anatomy “HaveYou Seen Me Lately” Review

So Richard is back to doing what he does best, running the hospital. It was kind of funny when Callie accused him of being a puppet master; where has she been? It was also interesting when Meredith suggested the two of them could be friends. The doctors’ lives are so interwoven on the show it’s hard to remember that some are simply co-workers, not buddies. The patient with his hand in the meat grinder was grosser than usual but it’s always more exciting when Grey’s highlights the fact that Seattle Grace is a teaching hospital. I know Callie knew how everything was going to play out before she asked Meredith to weigh in, but making it at least look like all the mistakes were her’s to make made the whole process more nail biting.

Tonight was Alex-characterization at its best. He’s hard and cold because he doesn’t learn his interns names, but he’s also sweet and cute because his one-track mind is focused on a career of saving tiny adorable children. It was entertaining to see Alex’s intern go down describing her own symptoms as if they were just an example from his study cards, but realistically wouldn’t someone having a heart attack be a little too distracted by the pain to be clever about how they reveal their condition? I hope hospitals don’t keep stats on how many times doctors pass out in their ORs during procedures. Seattle Grace has a bad track record.

Cristina and Owen’s therapy session was frustratingly uneventful and repetitive. We know she doesn’t want kids, we know he wants kids and wants her to want kids. The only thing I learned from their back and forth was while telling your BFF they’re your person is sweet and endearing, when you describe them as your person to someone else you just sound ridiculous. Honestly, I think the therapy seemed so stagnant because while Owen uses the abortion to make jabs at Cristina and accuses her of not telling him she wasn’t interested in kids sooner, she doesn’t use any of her amo against him like remember that time you almost strangled me too death or remember that time you didn’t really explain how bad your PTSD was or that you broke off an engagement in an e-mail? Remember that? A weepy desperate Cristina is not a fun Cristina.

I know that Avery was right to yell at Bailey for distracting him in the OR, but it still seemed wrong for two reasons. First of all Avery is a new comer. If Meredith, Alex or Cristina called Bailey out it would be like the student surpassing the teacher in a natural way, but for him to do it it just seemed wrong. Second of all, doctors yelling at other doctors while they’re operating because of personal feelings is pretty much the norm on Grey’s.

The cross-over factor seemed very under-utilized compared to past Private Practice Grey’s Anatomy mash-ups. Amelia only interacted with two Seattle Grace docs, her brother and Lexie. All the tension that could have been built by the dangerous position Mason’s mom was going into seemed to deflate as the small amount of time the plot was given in “Have you Seen Me Lately” seemed to undermine it’s importance.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Will Alex be nicer to his interns? Are you a fan of cross-over episodes?