Supernatural Thursdays: Let’s Talk About Bobby and Cas

Bobby and Cas

I live with my best friend, and every Friday night we’re gathered around the TV watching Supernatural. Not only is it a great thing to have someone around to watch my favorite show with each week, but our personalities and thoughts on Supernatural are so different that it leads to some pretty great discussions.

She is a Dean girl; I prefer Sam. I wanted Jo to stick around and become a hunter; she was okay with her exit. She loves (and by love I mean adores) Castiel; while I think that the episodes without him have been some of the strongest of season six and seven to date.

Before you throw things at me, flame me, or just plain get rude in comments I’m going to explain myself about my thoughts on Castiel and we’re also going to talk about Bobby’s exit in the article. These are two points that the fandom seems to be split over, and I’m curious to hear your thoughts.

There are spoilers ahead, so be sure not to read if you’re not caught up with Supernatural! You’ve been warned.

Castiel’s Return


By now we all know that Misha Collins will be returning as Castiel. So this can put to rest the debate that Cas didn’t get a decent goodbye at the beginning of season seven with his Leviathan-drowing-the-angel exit.

On this note, I would like to ask the fandom to take a breath, and to explain to me why people thought that Cas wouldn’t be back. His exit was so underwhelming, and based on the importance of his character since the fourth season, I personally had no doubt that Castiel would be returning.

Obviously I was part of the minority in this thinking as Cas’ exit caused an UPROAR with fans. If I remember right, people were/are still furious with the writers for this lack of a dramatic exit. Now I pose this question to you Supernatural fans. When have the writers ever let us down?

Aside from most of season six (which was weak), but we’ll overlook that.

Of COURSE Castiel is returning! And of course Dean will be able to hand him his trench coat and they can hug and be reunited while we as a fandom all sob into our ice cream.

Bobby – Ghost, Spirit, or Moved On?

I would like to take a moment of silence to remember Bobby Singer.

Remember how I said my BFF and I pretty much have opposite opinions on everything having to do with Supernatural? Well, it only continues when it comes to Bobby.

Like we all know, our dear Sam and Dean lost their surrogate father a few episodes ago when he was shot by Dick Roman. I think we can all agree that Dean pretty much said all of our thoughts with his: “He’ll be fine – it was only one bullet…”; but it turns out that it was one very well placed bullet.

We did see Bobby flat line, but his death was sort of left to the imagination… we weren’t sure until last week that Bobby was in fact, dead.

Now here’s where the BFF and I have different thoughts. I don’t think that Bobby is gone for good (however, I do think Bobby was given a sound send off and if he is gone, his exit was perfect), but I’m sort of with Sam’s train of thought that the strange things happening around the boys (papers moving, beers being drunk) are wishful thinking that it’s Bobby’s spirit.

The BFF disagrees completely. Even mention Bobby’s death and she’ll shake her head and utter simply: “Nope.” In BFF speak this means that Bobby is not in fact dead, and that he will be returning. Ask her why she thinks this and she simply replies with “because he’s Bobby.”

So, Supernatural fandom – what do you think? Bobby is obviously dead if the boys burned his body, but are the strange happenings and clues really Bobby talking to his sons from beyond? What do you think?


I want to make it clear that I mean absolutely no disrespect with these topics. I love this fandom, and adore listening to different perspectives other than mine. Most of the time it opens my eyes to theories that I never thought of, so varying opinions are welcome!

That said – please, PLEASE, if you were one of the fans angry at Cas’ “exit”, let me know why you thought he was gone for good. And on the same note, also comment away on your theories for his return.

Same for Bobby! I’m team “Bobby’s gotta come back”, but would love to hear from the other camp as well! Don’t forget to check out our Supernatural reviews after each new episode as well! We love to hear your thoughts and reactions!

Until next week Supernatural fans!

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