Person of Interest “Blue Code” Review

Person of Interest got right into the action this week with “Blue Code”. No introductory scenes, no messing around, just straight into the introduction to our PoI of the week: Michael Cahill. It looked like he was a cut and dry criminal that was smuggling diamonds and drugs into the country, but it was quickly revealed that Mr. Cahill was not who he was pretending to be. He’s actually Daniel Tully, a family man who’s working undercover for the NYPD.

Michael Kelly’s Agent Snow also made a reappearance this week. I hope we find out a little bit more as to where he was, as his reasoning for being gone was a bit vague. “I’ve been upstate”? That’s all we get? Anyway, I’m not sure why he even came back this episode.

We did see some interesting flashback scenes from Reese’s past. We found out that at one time his wife actually left him for another man, and he was having a hard time coming to terms with the fact that this new man might be a better match for his wife than he was.

Back in 2012, though, we had somewhat of an homage to Reservoir Dogs, as we see a bunch of criminals all pent up in a warehouse. One of them is shot, one of them is a cop, and everybody just wants this job to be over as soon as possible.

I really had problems with the end of the episode. Finding out that the mysterious “LOS” was actually working for the CIA just came completely out of left field. He’s buying drugs to fund the war on terror? Uh…ok. Why couldn’t it just be a drug lord? Instead we have this undercover cop going home feeling like crap for wasting his time chasing down a CIA agent? Lame.

Random Thoughts:

– I realize that the Reservoir Dogs analogy runs a little thin since the guy who was shot was the cop, but apart from that it was pretty darn similar.

– It was total BS that Carter and Reese took out half a dozen experienced mobsters by themselves. They didn’t take cover or anything!

– Do you the LOS guy was killed in the final scene? Or was he just hog-tied and locked up?