Modern Family “Aunt Mommy” Review

After Claire, Phil, Mitch and Cam lost track of their drinks at dinner and spiraled into an emotional, alcohol fueled conversation about Mitch and Cam’s struggles to have a second child, Claire was moved to offer an egg donation to her brother and Cam. I sometimes forget the details of the familial connections on Modern Family and I don’t often think about Manny being Luke’s uncle or Gloria being Mitch’s stepmother. Adding an “Aunt Mommy” to the mix would definitely have made the relationships even more complicated, but if any family was going to make that kind of surrogacy plan work, it would be this one.

Getting from point-A to point-drunk was a hilarious ride with Claire, Phil, Mitch and Cam. As their stories over dinner were nonsensically intercut with one another and got progressively louder and more outrageous, their glasses never seemed to empty. I know the egg donation was an idea that all parties (except for Cam) regretted in the morning, but I was moved by how much Claire and Phil wanted to help and I got a little weepy eyed seeing Cam and Mitch react with such joy – even if they were all completely hammered.

I’m not sure how Cam escaped the thrashed look that Claire, Phil, and Mitch were suffering with the morning after, but he must have one incredible hangover cure. Or maybe seeing photos of his theoretical biological children was enough to make his hangover disappear. He checked out his future baby prospects with Claire, Gloria and Justin Timberlake, but didn’t bother to check what his baby would look like with Mitch until the very end. Lily’s reaction to the tragic result of Mitch and Cam’s coupling was perfect and I would love to see a photo of the hideous baby that made the three of them react the way they did.

Meanwhile, Jay had gone behind Gloria’s back in an attempt to toughen Manny up and get him to play football. Manny was doing OK on the field until he stopped to pick up a penny which caused him to get tackled and twist his ankle. I don’t know why Manny ended up needing an electric scooter to get around, but it’s hard to imagine him getting around in regular crutches. He really is a 70 year old man in a 13 year old’s body. At first, I thought the bit with him trying to get out of the kitchen in his scooter was an overly played gag, but the more he bumped into furniture, the more I giggled despite myself.

I generally don’t like drama that is borne of repeated miscommunication and the second half of the episode dove right into that communication breakdown territory. Thankfully, Mitch and Claire didn’t let it go on for too long and in the comfort of the space under the table, they spoke frankly and directly. The brother-sister dynamic between Mitch and Claire is one of my favorite relationships on Modern Family and there’s always a very believable feeling of family between the two of them. They seem to be comfortable enough to say absolutely anything to one another while simultaneously being acutely aware of the other’s insecurities and avoiding sensitive topics entirely.

There were a couple of somewhat shocking revelations in tonight’s Modern Family that I hope will be addressed in future episodes. The first was that Gloria was a former taxi driver. Given her driving record, I don’t know how anyone ever survived in her cab or how she managed to keep a license for long enough to make a living.

The second shock came when Luke was describing Lily as a failure of a person. I wasn’t sure how I was supposed to react to that. Do Luke and Lily have some rivalry going on that we haven’t seen on screen? What happened that would make Luke describe his mostly silent four year old cousin in such a negative light? I’m not sure that I like that dark side of him and I hope we get a little context in future episodes that might explain why Luke would despise Lily so much.

Overall, this was a good episode of Modern Family with plenty to laugh about and I’m already looking forward to next week!