Law and Order: SVU “Home Invasions” Review

A run of the mill case set the stage for an unexpected revelation about a member of the team in “Home Invasions,” this week’s episode of Law and Order: SVU.

I wish there had been something more exciting about the actual crime. I could just be desensitized, but it’s starting to feel like we’ve seen this SVU murders over and over again. This week, two absentee parents were gunned down in their home, and their daughter accidentally took a bullet, but survived. Good thing, too, since it turned out she had orchestrated the crime with her former nanny and the nanny’s ex-con brother.

Why would a fourteen year old girl want to kill her parents? Because her father was raping her and her mother was ignoring it. The usual SVU fare.

There were red herrings, of course. Her mother’s gay rights activism and her father’s gambling debts, but all the latter served to do was to bring one big secret about Detective Rollins to life. She might be a tough Southern belle…but she’s also a tough Southern belle with a gambling addiction.

Lonely in NYC, she’s been placing bets with a bookie (the Irish biker from Sons of Anarchy, as he will forever be known to me), and when he spotted her at the police station, he gave her two punches to her stomach as a reminder to pay up and keep her mouth shut. She didn’t, obviously, and came clean about her addiction first to Finn and then to Cragen. Rather than take her badge, he got her into rehab.

I feel like this subplot came out of nowhere. Looking back on the whole season, I can’t remember any hints being dropped about it. But maybe that’s more realistic. In real life, how well do we ever know the people around us? Things like this do happen and they do get hidden for years. Still, Rollins better watch her back. Sons of Anarchy is on hiatus…Irish guy’s got plenty of time to come back and make good on his threats.

Yet again, this was an episode that was all cops and no lawyers. There used to be a much better balance in the show. Are the lawyers doing other things these days? I long for a good court case, SVU!

What did you think of the episode? Let me know below.