Exclusive Interview: Katrina Law From Spartacus Vengeance Talks About Her Character Mira, The Circle Of Death And Girls Making Out

What does it to mean to be free?

That is a question that Mira, played by the beautiful and charming Katrina Law, is struggling to answer as she is now part of the rebellion in Spartacus: Vengeance.

To make matters more interesting, things are heating up for the rebellion. In the last episode “The Greater Good“, two opposite but important things occurred: Naevia was rescued and Crixus was captured.

This week, TV Equals had a chance to talk to Katrina about what is coming up in future episodes, her character Mira, the funniest moment this season (it involves a girl on girl kiss) and “The Circle of Death” (Yeah I didn’t know what that was either).

Check out what she had to say below and don’t forget to tune to the upcoming episode of ‘Spartacus Vengeance’ “Empty Hands” airing Friday February 17 at 10 pm on Starz.


What can viewers expect to see in the upcoming episodes?

Katrina Law: More mayhem and chaos. This is pretty much right about where the story really starts to kick in. Up until now you’ve been reintroduced to characters. There’s a little bit of time where you see Liam [McIntyre] as the new Spartacus. You’re starting to figure out what the different worlds are, and right around episodes three and four is where all of the sub-plots and plots just start to kick in. More mayhem goes on, and from here on it it’s just a very, very fast roller-coaster ride.

Mira seems like she’s trying to find her place in the group and her new role. Can you talk about that?

Katrina Law: Yeah. She’s been interesting to play just because up until now she hasn’t really had much to do. She was a slave her entire life and when Spartacus came onto the scene in season one she’d never met anyone like him before and she had never hoped to dream or to think of what a future might be outside of the House or what it might mean to be free. So, all of a sudden she has all these opportunities at her fingertips and I can actually start to feel her vibrate with the possibilities.

She’s getting excited, and she does realize that she can’t just be beholden to Spartacus her entire life. In episode two one of the characters, Chadara, pointed that out to her and that was the first time Mira saw from an outside point of view how people view her. She’s stronger than that, and so I really do feel that from now on out she’s going to be taking a stand, trying to figure out what her place is, what it means to be free, who she is as an individual. And then whether or not Spartacus loves her or she loves him and then if that’s going to lead to anything.

Clearly Mira isn’t a pushover. Are future episodes going to show more of the badass Mira?

Katrina Law: Yeah. Once the beast has been released, you’re not going to get it back into the cage . This is part of her life that she never knew or a part of her personality that she never knew about, to be fierce and to be violent and aggressive. She has a lot of pent up anger with the way that she’s been treated her entire life, and now that she realizes that she wants freedom and she’s going to have to fight for it, she’s going to fight tooth and nail to get it.

Mira and Spartacus have this idea about freedom where they believe everyone should make their own choices, but it’s not easy for them when the try to spread the message to former or current slaves

Katrina Law: It is interesting because you would think that every slave would want to be free, but that’s not necessarily true. Though most slaves were treated poorly, there are some slaves that actually reached a high status in the slave world and were given places to sleep and they were clothed and fed. To them that’s all they ever really needed or wanted. So, to suddenly have that security blanket ripped away from them by some other man’s ideals isn’t necessarily the ideal situation for that particular slave.

Even within the rebellion, there’s a rebellion within the rebellion because people are trying to figure out who to follow, what to do, where to go. The house slaves have no identity of their own. They’re basically beholden to the gladiators, Mira included. So, they’re on their own, trying to figure out, ‘How do we feed ourselves, shelter ourselves, clothe ourselves, protect ourselves because, god forbid, the gladiators decide to up and leave us or they killed off?’ So, it’s a really interesting journey for everyone.

The series goes very far with edgy storylines and graphic sex and violence. When you see a script for the first time, reading what you’re going to have to do, how do you approach it?

Katrina Law: Well, most of the time you have to read it once just to get over the shock value of it all, and then you read it a second time to actually figure out what you’re going to be doing acting wise. Then usually between reading it the first time and the second time there’s a call back to my parents and my fiancé to let them know what I’m going to be doing and if we’re all okay about it.

I do think that as far as character goes, Mira does get off a little easy when it comes to the sexuality and all that other stuff. Granted, she was standing around naked that first season, but she’s a house slave and if you’re going to be humiliated by your Domina that’s what she’s going to do to you. But I think that you just need to approach it from the acting point of view, from the storyline and if you think that it makes sense for the story and if it makes sense for the world that you’re living in and you’re okay with it then you just need to treat it as if it’s another line or you sitting in a chair or any other thing that goes with acting and not treat it as a big deal.

There are ways to protect yourself and you can draw your lines in the sand, what you’re willing to do and not willing to do, but for the most part no one signed for the world of ‘Spartacus’ if they didn’t know what was going to be happening. Here’s the good thing about this show. If you decide to get naked you know you’re going to look good because they will light you and edit you to perfection.

The series is so visually stylistic in so many ways. Do you have a sense of how the scenes you shoot are going to come out or is it always a surprise?

Katrina Law: It’s less of a surprise in season two just because I had season one, and also, when I signed up for season one they had shown me the trailers of episodes one and two. So, I already had an idea of what the show was going to look like. The parts that usually get me the most are when we walk on to set and we have a very minimal set, a couple of trees that have no tops and some rocks and some dirt and there’s no sky or background, and then finally when you watch it on TV you see all the post and editing done you’re just so amazed by how beautiful that sky was that was there or how big that mountain was. So, in that sense, yes, it is rewarding to finally see the final product because on set you’re kind of just surrounded by blue or green screens.

And when you’re looking at the horizon you’re actually looking at a prop or something like that?

Katrina Law: Yeah. It’s usually a white X on a blue screen.

And how was the physical preparation for the production?

Katrina Law: It was a lot of fun. There are very few roles out there especially for women where you are given the opportunity to do all the things that you do on the set. I did gladiator boot-camp for two weeks beforehand with the boys and the stunt team and the rest of the gladiators and I was the only woman that was there. So, that was interesting. And then in that we do gut drills, sprints, the circle of death, races, circuit training and all this other stuff. Then after that we have floor practice and bow and arrow practice. So, it’s just a lot of fun.

Circle of death? What the hell is that?

Katrina Law: It’s an auditioning process [laughs]. We’re very specific about who we let into our show. The Circle of Death is where one person stands in the middle and everyone else circles around them and they basically throw a ball at a person, the person has to catch the ball, do a push-up with it, throw it back and then as soon he throws it back someone else is throwing a thirty pound bag at them and you have to catch it and then throw that bag back. Then the ball comes back. So, it’s just a constant barrage of things being thrown at you. It’s a lot of fun.

What was the funniest moment you’ve had this season?

Katrina Law: When all the boys dropped their cloths and I was suddenly staring at eight penises and I didn’t know that was going to happen in the middle of a scene and I suddenly didn’t know where to look.

What was the toughest moment for you?

Katrina Law: I have a fear of stagnant water just because I envision E. coli and Ebola and staff infections. This water had been sitting around all day and they basically told me that I needed to submerge myself into the water and then come up out of it ‘Apocalypse Now’ style, but they had these chunks of things floating in this brown, bloody water. I had to get into it and I almost threw up.

And then lastly what was your most surprising moment?

Katrina Law: I had to do a fight scene with Ellen Hollman who plays Saxa on the show and at the very end of it she laid a big, fat, wet kiss on me.

You didn’t know that was coming?

Katrina Law: I knew after the first take. She was great, and not a bad girl to make-out with.

Do you have any other upcoming projects you can talk about?

Katrina Law: I have an Italian film called ‘The Bodyguard’ coming out. It’s directed by Edoardo Margheriti, and I’m costarring alongside Adriano Giannini. That’s coming out February 15th in Italy. So, that’ll be exciting. I think I’m going to be dubbed in Italian. Yea. Then I just filmed an episode of ‘CSI: Miami’ and I’m not sure when that’s coming out. So, a couple of little things on the horizon.

And if you could guest star on any other TV show which one would it be?

Katrina Law: Game of Thrones.’

You realize though that’s on a competitor’s network, right?

Katrina Law: Yes, but you know what, I like to make people get jealous and fight for me a little harder.


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