Justin Kirk Will Return For ‘Weeds’ Season 8

Crazy Uncle Andy will be sticking around. Actor Justin Kirk will be returning for Weeds’ eighth season Deadline has confirmed. Kirk has signed on to star in what is rumored to be the last season of the Showtime series. Also on board for season 8 is leading lady Mary Louis Parker who plays Nancy Botwin, and Kevin Nealon who is known for his role as Doug Wilson.

As pointed out by Nikki Finke’s Deadline, both Nealon and Kirk will be pulling double duty as both ‘Weeds’ stars are also on board new projects. Kirk is attached to star in the upcoming NBC pilot ‘Animal Kingdom’ where he will play the lead role. Meanwhile, Nealon is attached to the show ‘Isabel’, also a pilot in the works that will premiere on NBC. It looks like ‘Weeds’ final season is shaping up to be a good one, with all the regulars ready to say their goodbyes.

Over the years Kirk has starred in ‘Modern Family’, ‘The Subpranos’, ‘L!fe Happens’, the TV series ‘University of Andy’, ‘Everwood’, ‘Hollywood Dreams’, ‘Without a Trace’, ‘Against the Current’, ‘Glen Martin DDS’, ‘See You in September’, ‘Ask the Dusk’, and more. Are you excited about about Weeds’ upcoming eighth season?