CSI “Seeing Red” Review

Elisabeth Shue joined the cast of CSI in “Seeing Red,” and while the jury is still out, I’m going to tentatively say that, so far, she seems like a solid addition to the team. At the very least she has some sort of secret past with DB and when handled right, those kind of stories are always intriguing.

Shue plays Julie “Call Me By Part of My Last Name” Finlay, who is brought in as a consultant because, as DB says, their case needs a blood whisperer. Finn is an absolute expert in spatter patterns and blood analysis, but she left the job an undetermined amount of time earlier for undetermined reasons of which only DB seems aware. Their interactions were tantalizing for those of us who love a good forbidden romance; I couldn’t help but draw comparisons between them and Grissom and Sara. Older mentor, younger colleague…he brings her in to consult, she winds up staying, and 150 episodes later, they’re married.

Of course, DB (or Diebenkorn) is already married, and based on Finn’s somewhat-bitter remarks about Mrs. Russell, that could be the very reason for their strife. That, at least, was one hurdle Grissom and Sara never had to overcome.

As for the case she was brought in to analyze, it was admittedly tricky, but no more so than anything the team has handled before. Two dead bodies, one witness with amnesia and it all pointed to an ex-con whose blood was at the scene. CSI does some of its best work in the quiet moments, and the expression on the man’s face when DB told him that the blood evidence had proven he wasn’t guilty was priceless. For a guest star with only a couple of lines, he knocked it out of the park, absolutely convincing me that he was both astonished and grateful that someone believed him.

Nick also had a couple of great moments. After rescuing the boy with amnesia which started the whole case, he formed a bit of a bond with the poor kid…as well as with the cute ER nurse he met at the hospital. Nick hasn’t had a girlfriend since…um….does the hooker in the first season count? I have no doubt that he’s getting laid left, right and center, but it would be nice to give him a real relationship. If not him, then Greg, at least.

It shows how much George Eads has developed Nick from the blindly loyal good-old-boy he once was that when it’s revealed that the boy is not a victim, but the murderer, it doesn’t absolutely crush him. He takes it in stride and does what he has to do. Sure, it sucks, but Season 12 Nick is made of much sturdier stuff.

So, welcome to Las Vegas, Elisabeth Shue. You’re on probation, but heading in the right direction.

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