Survivor: One World “Two Tribes, One Camp, No Rules” Review

Survivor is back, baby! There are few things in this world that get me as jazzed up as that tribal roar and those conga drums, man. What a beautiful opening, and a great explanation from Jeff “Best Reality Show Host in the World” Probst on our new rules for the season. It’s boys vs. girls, immunity idols are already in play, and Redemption Island is gone. Let’s have a brief moment of silence for Redemption Island, as it seems to be taking a leave of absence for a little while.

“Two Tribes, One Camp, No Rules” felt a lot like a completely different show in a lot of ways. Seeing the tribes arrive at their beach, and quickly discover how vastly the dynamics of the game has changed, was an exciting moment as a Survivor fan. I thought that the survival was going to be completely one-sided in the guys favor, but then Chelsea quickly caught two wild chickens! That was pretty dang impressive!

Unfortunately, the rest of her team didn’t really step up. I love women and everything, with Valentine’s Day being yesterday and all, but they really didn’t make them look very competent here. Not knowing what “Ambiance” means, not being able to start a fire without stealing the embers, and actually considering taking off their clothes so the guys will help them? Not a good start.

Also, I don’t really buy the girls being mad at the guys for taking the guaranteed victory. Yeah, it was a little lame for them to not play it out, but it was a smart strategic move. The girls would have done the exact same thing, and they admitted to as much, but their reason for wanting the men to finish it was because they’re men. Aren’t you trying to prove that you’re just as strong as the guys, and that you can do anything they can do, but you say they need to finish a challenge to prove their manliness? Double standard, much?

At the risk of completely ranting against all of the women, I just have to mention Alicia. What a piece of work. So it’s dishonorable and weak to weave palm fronds together for fire, but it’s OK to sneak in to their camp in the middle of the night and steal their embers? The whole entire tribal council sounded more like an episode of The Bachellor then Survivor. I really hope the more volatile women get voted off soon so we can have some semblance of intelligence and strategy back in the game.

At the end of the day, the sweet and innocent Courtney was sent home with a broken wrist. I really don’t mean to come off anti-women or anything, but I really felt like this first episode was not a good step in portraying an equal society. If any women watched it and read this review, please leave a comment below with your thoughts? Am I biased or what?

Random Thoughts:

– How about Jeff Probst standing outside the helicopter in the intro? He had both hands out and everything! Then the copter banked hard right and he looked cool as a cucumber. What a stud…

– I love that Troyzan, the swimsuit photographer, refers to women’s breasts as “Taters”. I can just imagine him shooting his swimsuit models. “Cover up your taters, girl!” “Your taters are popping out!”

– I think that “Survivor Challenge Tester” would be my dream job.