Parenthood “Tough Love” Review

This week’s episode of Parenthood was all about secrets being revealed.

– Zeek’s health issues are revealed to Crosby.

– Sarah’s family expansion plans with Mark are revealed to Drew.

– Zoe’s failure to finish high school is revealed to Julia.

– And finally, Amber’s less than professional relationship with Bob is revealed to Kristina.

Crosby has evolved quite a bit this season and it was nice to see his concern for his dad. I would assume that in the coming weeks, he will share his dad’s secret with the rest of the family. I hope this happens before Zeek’s health takes a more serious turn as I’m sure the other members of the Braverman clan will somehow blame Crosby for not telling them sooner.

Although I like Sarah, I rarely understand her approach to parenting her kids. I wanted her to take a stronger position when Amber started acting out last season and this season, I wish she had shared her family plans with her kids. I agree with Drew, the situation is a bit strange. After Mark’s decision to abandon his dreams so that he can have a child before Sarah’s biological block expires, I’m not convinced that this situation is going to end well. It is understandable that Drew still holds on to the hope that his parents will reunite some day but I’m not convinced that would be a good idea either. As much as I like John Corbett, I do not want to see his return to Sarah’s life stifle all of the progress she has made to create her own identity and career. By the way, is she still writing plays?

I enjoyed Drew’s conversation with Mark. Drew and his cousin Haddie have an annoying habit of answering questions that clearly warrant a detailed response with an aloof yes or no. Mark may not be the “teen whisperer” but he managed to get more than Sarah would have ever gotten out of that conversation. I appreciated that instead of relenting, as Sarah often does, Mark continued to push.

The closer we get to Zoe’s due date, the more unsure I become that Jack and Julia will not have their hearts broken. I think Zoe means well but her close relationship to Julia has created huge complications in an already difficult situation. Despite her good intentions, I’m not convinced that Zoe will go through with the adoption. At a minimum, I think she will seriously reconsider her decision once her son is born.

Amber and Bob. There was no doubt that Bob invited Amber along on his road trip in an attempt to move their relationship beyond late night kissing and lustful glances during the day. I also loved bad ass Kristina arriving at the hotel at a most inopportune moment. Although the 9-year age difference is a bit jarring, the Amber/Bob affair really did not run the risk of becoming a scandal until he promoted her to his assistant. Bob is not quite at the John Edwards level of being a scumbag but he has definitely proven that he is thinking with the head that does not rest between his shoulders. It is unfair of Kristina to blame Amber for the precarious situation. At 19, Amber should be allowed to make a few mistakes – the same cannot be said for Bob. I look forward to seeing this play out over future episodes. I suspect that Bob is not going to back down, which will make things quite interesting on Parenthood. I can’t help but wonder if Amber wanted to get caught. She exercised no discretion as she packed up her lingerie and “do me” pumps in front of Haddie.

I always find Max’s story lines to be mixture of joy and pain, which is one of the things I’ve come to love about Parenthood. Although it was tough to see Max struggling to fit in at school, I was so happy to see that he made a new friend who had also faced similar struggles.

Overall, a good episode. It looks like next week we’ll finally learn if Zoe will stick to her word and Jasmine will finally reveal her feelings to Crosby. I look forward to both.

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