One Tree Hill “Catastrophe and the Cure” Review

One Tree Hill "Catastrophe And The Cure" Season 9 Episode 6 (5)
Last week, I made a list of possible reasons for Nathan’s kidnapping. Far down on that list was that it might be the beginning of a new plot, rather than the consequence of an old one. This week’s episode of One Tree Hill, “Catastrophe and the Cure,” proved to me that I should never underestimate low odds.

Nathan, we finally learn, was snatched by Eastern European gangsters who are under orders to kill him for scouting (or as they call it, stealing) some of their best, most profitable players for his agency. Because in Russia, basketball plays you!

Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Things are looking dire for Nathan, even after he convinced the nice men with tattoos and guns that they should ransom him, rather than kill him outright, but fortunately Dan is hot on the case. With a little help from Mouth and Julian (who might finally start forgiving himself for leaving Davis in the car now that he’s working with a man who has done FAR worse things to his children), he might just be able to track down his son in time. I have this weird feeling that this might be the last thing Dan ever does for one of his boys, and it could wind up being him underneath that morgue sheet.

As the news of Nathan’s kidnapping was only starting to break to the citizens of Tree Hill, most of the episode was spent on other plots, including yet another example of why only an idiot would ever take on Brooke Davis and expect to win. Not Alex got her comeuppance for inexplicably trying to bankrupt Karen’s Cafe when Brooke accidentally told Chris Keller that his girlfriend had been sleeping with Chase. I do believe this was accidental; Brooke wouldn’t have set Chase up no matter how much Not Alex deserved it.

Still, be careful, Brooke, and for your own sake, keep looking over your shoulder. Crazy people like Not Alex might retreat to lick their wounds, but they always come back, usually crazier than before.

Snaps to Chris Keller for handling his girlfriend and new friend’s betrayal well, though. Kicking Chase’s leg before making him pay for a few lap dances was surprisingly mature. If all guys could do that, the world would be a nicer place.

Clay had another spell in the hospital after he learned about Nathan’s disappearance, but at least now he’s willing to acknowledge that sleep-walking and time loss is actually a problem. And he’s getting closer to poor little Logan. Looking forward to some development there soon.

A good episode, but I expected Haley to be a little more pro-active in the search for Nathan. At least next week she’ll have Lucas helping her out. Three cheers for the return of Chad Michael Murray!!

What did you think of the episode? Let me know below!!