Jane by Design “The Teen Model” Review

This week’s episode of Jane by Design, appropriately titled “The Teen Model,” sees Jane charged with babysitting a wild child fashion model named Piper on the same weekend that she’s grounded for…well…I’m not exactly sure what she was grounded for, but I think it had something to her with her brother’s fear that she’s having as much sex as he did in high school. Good old double standard.

Unfortunately for Jane, Piper overhears her admit that she’s just a high school student pretending to be an adult, and decides to use this juicy piece of information to force Jane into giving her two days as a regular teenager, high school parties and all. It’s hard to feel sorry for a teen model, but despite the blackmail and making Jane run around like a crazy chaperone, Piper turned out to be pretty okay. She even went so far as to give Jane some surprisingly sage advice. Don’t grow up too fast. It was a sweet moment.

Meanwhile, poor Billy was having an identity crisis, but unlike what the previews lead us to believe, it didn’t send him into Jane’s arms. As of right now, they are friends, nothing more, nothing less. But it seems like he and Lulu might be officially over. After she refused to stand by him when a stupid jock insulted him at the big party, he re-spiked his hair and realized that he is so much better than the ice queen. Yay!!

I liked this episode better than the last few. Jane’s assignment actually seemed like something a young assistant might be handed, unlike flying around the world to deliver a book. I really hope it works out with her and baseball boy. They are really cute together, even if there is a lack of drama.

What did you think of the episode? Let me know below!