20 Questions About the 2011-2012 Season Part 2

Last week, I introduced a new series here for my friends at TV Equals. The premise is simple: I take 20 potential questions about this current season of television and answer them to the best of my knowledge and ability. I tackled some really interesting topics last week including thoughts on the state of Modern Family, House, and other shows. This week, I got some help from the commenters to fill out the five question quota. In addition, we’ve got a pretty fun question to tackle at the end. Let’s dive in.

What is NBC’s plan?

Since I am not a TV insider (yet!), this paragraph requires a little tea leaf reading on my part. Looking at the pilots that NBC has tossed out this year, and the ones potentially on the slate for next year, it seems that NBC is shooting for broad, general appeal. That’s all well and good, but when your name is synonymous with bad television, it’s difficult to play the broad appeal card. As terrible as it is, Whitney attempts to play as a show with mass appeal. The people at Whitney think they are doing a show about relationships that everyone can relate to in some way. Unfortunately for them, it’s clear that all of their writers have been in the worst relationships of all-time. It really makes me sad for them.

Here’s the next problem: NBC has no market to play to right now. CBS is a powerhouse specifically because they understand their market and tailor shows for those people. Who is NBC’s primary demographic? Maybe people who still remember the good times with the old Thursday comedies? People who like quirky comedies and reality TV? Dammit. I’m back to asking too many rhetorical questions again.

Best of luck to the people at NBC. I remember the good old days when the peacock brought the goods. Here’s hoping they don’t go the way of the CW. Now there’s a real idea. Someone get me in a room with Bob Greenblatt. I’ve got a show about sexy vampires who just want to love someone to pitch to him.

How can we save Fringe?

One thing is clear: The show can’t continue at its current combination of ratings and price. Since we know the ratings will not change dramatically this far into the show’s run, we need to slash some costs. In an effort to help out, I thought I would make a few suggestions.

1. Let’s get rid of 3-Dish words when we arrive at new locations. They look super awesome, but they are an unnecessary expense. Instead, let’s get the voice guy from the Super Friends to introduce our locales. Can’t you just here it? “Meanwhile, at FBI headquarters…”

2. Broyles has to go. I love Lance Reddick, but the other characters are too indispensable. (Note: I would argue Astrid, but the Sci-Fi folks on this site would send me hate mail for a month.) Both Broyleses die in heroic/menacing fashion and the Olivias take over as the leaders of the Fringe division. Or, shut down the Fringe division and have Olivia and the gang work as mercenaries for Massive Dynamic. Now there’s an interesting plot twist.

3. Have one universe be destroyed. I really don’t care which one, just finish one off so you can dump all of the shots of those weird blimps or the bronze Statue of Liberty. We don’t need them to unite, we need to fight. Let’s get it on. Winner take all.

I would happy to hear more suggestions on the Twitters or in the comments. Balls in your court, Fringe Fanatics.

Who dies on The Walking Dead?

Let’s look at the odds. Feel free to get a pool going with your friends. I cannot confirm or deny that I have discussed this option with several of my friends that watch the show.

Shane- 20-1: I don’t think he’s going to go down, but he has to be included because that plot device would be freaking awesome, especially if Rick is the one to do it.

Carol- 2-5: You have to pay the extra juice to get Carol. She has clearly outlived her purpose.

T-Dog- EVEN: It’s unclear if the writers know he is even alive. That being said, when they realize he is still on the show, they will realize that he doesn’t do a whole lot for the show. Sorry, T-Dog, but your days may be numbered.

Glen- 10-1: Seems ridiculous, but think about it for a moment. If nothing else, this show is about the despair that people feel when all hope is lost. Can you imagine how traumatic the death of Glen would be? It would really hammer home to everyone just how fleeting their lives are in the world as it now exists. You couple that with the fact that he is the go-to guy for dangerous missions, and you have the recipe for a heartbreaking, but interesting, plot device.

Does Awake have a chance?

Not a chance, and I want this show to succeed so bad. I am so all-in at this point that I am considered buying some merchandise so I can advertise for the good people at Awake. However, I can’t ignore the Journeyman parallels here. It’s a high concept show in a horrific timeslot on a fledgling network. I respect NBC for taking a chance on this show. In addition, they have done a nice job of promoting the show as best they can, but I can’t see people getting into this show. If nothing else, I am hoping for 10-13 amazing episodes that I can hang my hat on. Then, I’ll file it away with shows like Journeyman and Terriers as shows that were chunks of short-lived brilliance. Good on you if you can pull it off, Awake, but I don’t have faith in the American viewing public. Just know that you will at least have one fan.

What will Don Draper do next?

MAD MEN Tomorrowland

AMC really should do a series of Mad Men commercials like Ford did with Phil Mickelson asking “What will Don Draper do next?” Here’s a few options for Don’s next moves:

Sleep with the new secretaries: Come on, you don’t think being married to Megan is going to slow him down, do you?

Remind us all what the money is for: I always love Don’s interactions with his coworkers. They range from funny to scolding. We may not approach the same level that we got in “The Suitcase” last season, but look for Don to be more invested in the business as he bounces back from his drunken stupor that he stumbled through for most of the 4th season.

Continue to make Betty feel bad about her life: Suck it, Betty.

Grow his relationship with Peggy: Whether they are bickering or dominating the creative division of their little agency, Peggy and Don have grown their relationship with each season. Jon Hamm himself even hinted that there could be some more growth on the way.

We’ll see where it goes. I know I’ll definitely be watching come March 25th.

We are halfway through 20 questions. I’ll continue to put it on you guys: What questions would you like the TV Czar to answer? Rest assured I’ll put my best people on it. You can list them in the comments, or send them to me on Twitter. Until next week…

The TV Czar