What You Should Be Watching On Hulu Today: ‘Battleground’

There is something about politically-themed series that just get to me.If you are anything like me and love watching the behind the scenes of political campaigns, even of fictional ones, then Battleground is for you.

The series is described as “a workplace dramedy set in the world of political campaigns”, so in other words it’s The Office meets The West Wing minus the goofy characters. You will recognize a few of The Office trademark elements such as the fake documentary crew following the campaign, the confessional scenes and the awkward yet funny office moments. However, the political element heightens the drama quite a bit, making this gold for political junkies.

The first two episodes have simply sold me and talking to series star Jay Hayden only solidified that sentiment.

Check out more info below and also watch the first episode that is already on Hulu. Battleground will be available each Tuesday on Hulu.

Synopsis: By executive producers JD Walsh, Hagai Shaham (“The Details”), and Marc Webb (“The Amazing Spider-Man”, “500 Days of Summer”), Battleground is a workplace dramedy set in the world of political campaigns. Head campaign strategist Chris “Tak” Davis and his staff strive to win a Senate seat for their underdog candidate in a race with national consequences. It takes place in Wisconsin, a real battleground state, where Tak and his team manipulate the 24-hour news cycle, new media, and social networking to navigate the unpredictable ups and downs of state politics. All the while, a documentary crew exposes the behind-the-scenes chaos of idealistic twenty-somethings trying to make a difference.

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First Episode