Valentine Heart Candies – TV Edition

In honor of that big holiday this week, no, not Lincoln’s birthday, the *other* big holiday this week, I thought it would be fun to play a little TV game with the candy conversation hearts that are so popular. You know the ones I mean, they have cutesy little sayings to share with your Valentine! Some examples for those of you that have not ever seen these candies are: Be Mine, Kiss Me, True Love and Awesome.

I did some research (and sadly no; it did not involve eating any of these little gems) and wrote down some sayings. However I wanted to go a step further: what if I could write my own candy heart sayings to fit some of my favorite shows? What would they read? Below you have a mixture of actual candy heart sayings and ones I thought would work well for these shows.

Note: Sayings I came up with are in quotes and the ones I took from the candy are italicized.

Hawaii Five-0 – “Drive Me Crazy” and Sweet Talk

Steve and Danny - HAWAII FIVE-0

As fans of this show know, Steve drives Danny’s car when they go somewhere together. Danny does not really talk about it, but it has to make him a little crazy that he cannot drive his own car except when he is alone, which is not often.

The other aspect many fans love about the show is when Steve and Danny have a difference of opinion in the car. In discussions they are called carguments. We look forward to these sweet moments!

Lost Girl – Kiss Me

Bo and Dyson - Lost Girl

For this show, I am going with an existing saying. Bo, the title character, is a SyFy channel interpretation of a succubus, and she can suck the life out of you with just a kiss. While she tries to avoid doing this, at least the guy goes out with a smile on his face.

Castle – Dream and I Hope

Castle and Beckett - Castle

Castle and Beckett. what can I say? I do not think they will ever get together, not that I want them to, but it is clear that they are hoping and dreaming about each other. The longing glances, the innuendos, the awkward moments, it all points to their longing to be together.

The Finder – Let’s Get Busy

Another existing saying, this one works on so many levels for this show. First there are Walter and Isabel, who are “friends with benefits.” ‘Nuff said. But, in addition, there is Walter’s unique skill set of being able to find things. Once he starts a job, he cannot stop, so best to not start him unless you really want what he will find! His dogged determination to reach the conclusion is amazing.

Supernatural – “Heavenly”, So Fine and Angel

Dean, Cas and Sam - Supernatural

Allow me a fan girl indulgence for the first two and a bit of a play on words at the same time. I am not only thinking of Sam and Dean, by the way, but also Castiel, our missing and missed angel.

Fringe – “Complicated”

Peter and Olivia - FRINGE

Love can be many things, but simple is not the normal case. Consider the case of Fringe, where not only are there the relationships within a given universe, but there seems to be some bleed over from one universe to the other, not even counting the cross universe relationships. Within each universe we have mostly the same set of main characters, and the relationships are complex and fraught with anxiety and missed opportunities. In the most recent episode, it also seems that Olivia is now remembering experiences that she never even had – but rather another version of her experienced. Very vivid memories of Peter.

Once Upon A Time – “Eternal Love”

Snow White and Prince Charming - Once Upon a Time

Yes, I am sap for a happy ending. I happen to be a fan of “happily ever after” and think it is possible to achieve with work and love. This program not only supports that concept, it shows that people that truly love each other can survive having their memories erased and being transported to another reality – and still find each other!

Being Human – “Love Hurts”

Josh, Sally and Aidan - Being Human (US)

Let’s face it; this show is the poster child for painful love. Sally, the ghost, was killed by her fiancé and her ghostly love affair ended up with her being dumped. Josh, the werewolf, left the woman he loved since he did not want to hurt her, and ended up scratching his new girlfriend and turning her into a werewolf. Aidan, the vampire, killed a lover the very first episode, and then found out later she had been turned by the other vampires, then ended up staking her at her own request. Then we recently found out that he has been in love with “Mother’s” daughter since the 1930s or so, but never felt he could have her because of politics. His good friend ends up with her – until now. Yikes is all I can say!

The Big Bang Theory – Be My Icon

Howard and Bernadette - The Big Bang Theory

Yes, believe it or not, this was one I got from a piece of candy! And how appropriate is it for this show? Couldn’t you just see Howard using Bernadette as an icon on his computer? Or Leonard representing Penny in that manner?

Person of Interest – Sweet Mystery

Reese and Finch - Person of Interest

In a book I just finished reading, one of the main characters called his love interest by this phrase. The two main characters on Person of Interest, Reese and Finch, are indeed very mysterious. Both are hiding their past, and for the most part questions are answered with a stony silence. And, that makes the show all the more entertaining, as each week we discovery new pieces of information as we try to sort out truth from fiction.

I hope that this article brought a smile to your face. Please feel free to add other sayings and programs to my list in the comments below – I look forward to hearing your ideas!