The Voice “Blind Auditions Part 3” Review

Before I even get into the third night of blind auditions on The Voice, I must share what I’ve learned about Cee Lo’s MAD cat from Inspector Gadget new addition to the show. The lovely feline pictured above is named Purrfect. Purrfect the Cat refers to Cee Lo as “papa,” has a twitter page and a Facebook page. I love this cat.

Random question-when the contestants are talking to the camera about their job before Carson surprises them, what show do they think they’re filming?

The producers decided to give us a little taste of the judges’ experience by not allowing us to see the first contestant. Contestant X has had record deals but struggled to succeed because of imaging issues. Cee Lo swivels the chair and Contestant X is revealed as Sarah Golden. It was a bit strange that they would not reveal Sarah’s name until Cee Lo selected her. Was it not clear from the outset that Sarah was a girl? What surprise would have been spoiled by revealing her name? Okay, I digress. Despite her “twang,” I actually think Sarah is a better match for Cee Lo and his commitment to artists off the beaten path.

A bow tie, suspenders and the name Pip amount to a whole lot of awesome. I want Pip to join the show before I’ve even heard him sing. The contrast between Pip’s voice and look is really interesting and will make him fun to watch as the competition advances.

Erin Willet – heartbreaking story. I want her on the show before I’ve heard her sing one note. You can’t go wrong with a Jackson 5 song and I like that Erin made it her own. I was genuinely surprised that Cee Lo did not turn his chair around as I thought he and Erin would have been a good match. Blake has proven to be a a great coach so Erin will be in good hands.

David Grace – I can’t believe not a single judge turned their chair for David. Why did Blake need Adam to hit his button? I’m hopeful that there will be a second chance round. I think he would definitely find a home on someone’s team.

Katrina Parker – I will forever think of hidden mold when I see her. I’m pretty sure that is not the impression she intended to leave but here we are.

Geoff McBride – Geoff’s soul plus Stevie Wonder’s “Higher Ground” amounted to a great audition. Talent aside, how can you not root for someone with such adorable kids??? I think Geoff made the right choice by picking Christina. Cee Lo seemed a bit indifferent during his “pitch.”

Erin Martin – Physically, Erin screams Egyptian Warrior Princess team Cee Lo. Did anyone notice Cee Lo’s reaction after seeing Erin? I think there was a lip bite involved. Once again, I’m uncomfortable for Erin. If my mom were at the audition with me, she would probably ask me if I was crazy if I picked Cee Lo after his comments to Erin.

James Massone – There’s something about this guy I like without hearing him sing. Drake is a strange an interesting choice for an audition song, much like someone choosing to sing Justin Beiber in an earlier round. The choice really worked for James. He took a contemporary, popular song and really made it his own. I’m officially proclaiming James as my favorite – I’m a sucker for tears of joy. I had a feeling James would go with Cee Lo as he looked genuinely excited when Cee Lo turned his chair around. Adam dropped the ball – James was made for his team.

Jordis Unga – Can her parents join the show? I love their style! I knew as soon as Jordis hit the big notes Christina would hit the button. Ultimately, I think Jordis made the right choice. Blake appeared to be extremely committed to his artists last season and the fact that Dia Frampton is currently on tour with him is demonstrative of his continued commitment once the show comes to a close.

The rolling tally of awkwardness on The Voice continues…

>Blake joking about Christina not waking up before noon.

>Blake using the word sucky and suggesting that Adam would “monkey around” with Pip’s talent.

>Christina telling Pip that she had success before Maroon 5.

>Blake and Cee Lo’s reaction to hearing heels on the stage.

>”Quite naturally you belong to me, don’t you agree?” – do I really have to note that this was a comment made by Cee Lo? I have no comment on Cee Lo and Purrfect the Cat commenting on Erin.

>How do you audition with a Black Eyed Peas song as a solo artist? Further, how exactly does a rapper fit into this competition?

What did you think about this week’s episode of The Voice? More importantly, any thoughts about Cee Lo’s jacket with the bedazzled collar?