The River “Los Ciegos” Review

The River (ABC) Los Ciegos (6)

ABC’s The River continued tonight with “Los Ciegos” (in English – “The Blind”), and while it wasn’t as scary as the premiere last week, it was still pretty suspenseful and had some tense moments.

Continuing where last week left off, Lincoln and the rest of the crew are still searching for his missing father. Personally, if I were Tess and basically got spit out of a grave by some unknown water demon, I would’ve high tailed it back to civilization, missing husband or no missing husband. I probably would have just yelled my apologies into the jungle hoping that he’d hear them and know that I did in fact love him, but climbing out of a grave that wasn’t mine after being almost drowned approximately 300 feet away from the grave site was a bit too much for me.

However, Tess is a made of stronger stock than I and continues on the hunt for Emmet. While in the jungle, the crew runs into a cave that they believe Emmet may be hiding in. While AJ will not step foot inside (he was part of a mining accident and has a huge fear of caves), the rest of the group heads in, despite warnings from Jahel that the Morcego tribe is after them, venture inside.

They’re quickly chased out by a swarm of bats and decide to sleep off their adventure in the middle of the haunted jungle. They wake up to tribal drawings from the Morcegos around their tents (think the scene in The Blair Witch Project when the trio wakes up to piles of rocks and twigs outside their tent), and discover that Emilio has lost his eyesight.

Jahel explains that the Morcego tribe decides if a person passing through the jungle is worthy to actually see the jungle, and if the tribe finds you not worthy, they take matters into their own hands. Captain Kurt believes that this is basically all a pile of rubbish, but allows the group back to the Magus to regroup and figure out why Emilio has gone blind.

Only problem is, the blindness spreads. It appears the Morcego tribe does not want these people in their jungle. Since Lena is pretty resourceful she finds a cure for the blindness (turns out the chalk outside the tents is the cause) and she along with AJ and Kurt head out to find this particular plant that will neutralize the toxins.

What happens next was the scariest part of The River. With everyone on the boat now blind, Clark stabbed and Lincoln having to cauterize the wound (without being able to see – that was probably the scariest part for me), the Morcego make their way onto the Magus. Clark decides to sacrifice himself to the natives, but while they’re terrorizing the crew, AJ is conquering his fears. Since both AJ and Clark perform an act of selflessness, the Morcego back off and allow the crew to continue into the jungle.

Let’s just hope these scary, scary, tribal people never come back. They had no eyes, dear readers. None. Just gaping holes where their eyes should have been. Ew.

While The River didn’t have as many scares as last week, the creep factor was raised a bit, but not enough to make me cover my eyes like previous episodes. It was okay, but I hope that next week the scares are back up to where they were in the premiere.

I will say that I did like finding out about Tess and Clark. I thought they had a relationship going on since last week, and this was confirmed with Clark’s little misunderstanding of Tess’ statement of never seeing him again (he thought she was speaking of him, but she was really talking about Emmet). Oh, AND Clark confessed his and Tess’ affair to Lincoln. So, there you go.

Lena and Lincoln will eventually hook up as well, but let’s talk about Captain Kurt’s mysterious phone calls. Who is he calling? Is he part of some covert operation that is infiltrating the rescue mission? His call for an extraction makes me think military, but then again I could just be flashing back to my conspiracy theory days of watching Lost when nothing was what it seemed.

Here’s hoping The River doesn’t rely on the camera time stamp to provide tension (when that clock is running quickly and then slows down, you know something is going to happen, so are right away on edge), because it’s been done to death already. One other request – more steady cam shots, please! I speak for the entire population that suffers from motion sickness when I say AJ’s scene in the cave was pretty puke inducing.

Over all, I’m still impressed with The River and hope a show that plays to such a narrow niche audience can find a home on ABC.

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