Ringer “It’s Easy To Cry When This Much Cash Is Involved” Review

I was pretty excited for this week’s episode of Ringer. Not because I have total faith in the show and think that something mind blowing will happen with in the next few episodes, but because I was curious as to where the story line between Juliet and Mr. Carpenter was headed.

Remember last week when no one believed that Juliet had been raped until Tessa showed up and confessed that the same thing had happened to her as well? This story line was the only interesting thing on the screen last week, so no surprise that it carried over into “It’s Easy to Cry When This Much Cash Is Involved”. However, I will say that Ringer surprised me with the direction Juliet/Tessa/Mr. Carpenter took!

Turns out that the girls hadn’t been raped, that the entire thing was just a ploy thought up by Juliet to weasel out truckloads of money from her father. So not only did this particular episode of Ringer turn into a freaking plot line of the movie Wild Things, but the writes successfully managed to bring the rape story line to an end with a horrible resolution.

Not to get totally political and on my soap box, but a topic like rape shouldn’t be used in the way the Ringer writers created. It’s not something to be taken lightly, and after getting over my initial “wow, they’re really going there” shock, I did see the realism that Juliet would for sure play her father with in this way. Right or wrong topic to put into a TV show, it fit with Juliet’s character, and by God, it sort of made me love her even more.

While Siobhan is supposed to be the villain in Ringer, I’m liking Juliet more and more for the title. Speaking of one of the twins, Bridget is discovering more secret things about her sister – that she kept an office for her extra curricular activities. Like most episodes of the show, this week didn’t really answer any questions, or further story lines, other than Henry being blackmailed and Bridget coming sort of close to finding things out about Siobhan.

Gotta say, I’m more excited for next week’s episode when Misha Collins (Supernatural) guest stars. Maybe he can breathe some life into this floundering series.

What say you? Is Ringer still holding your interest?

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