Raising Hope “Jimmy’s Fake Girlfriend” Review

Raising Hope returned this week with a pretty solid episode in “Jimmy’s Fake Girlfriend”. Burt and Virginia tried to find a hobby to share together, while Jimmy tried to use a fake girlfriend to make Sabrina jealous.

One thing Raising Hope has always done well is knowing how to balance all of the laughs with all of the “aww” moments. This was definitely one of those episodes. While the Burt and Virginia story line was played mostly for laughs, seeing Jimmy become so serious about destroying Wyatt and Sabrina’s relationship and getting her to go out with him was such a refreshing change and had a very emotionally satisfying conclusion.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. This episode did have a lot of great sequences, with the double date being a standout. Ashley Tisdale was really great as Jimmy’s fake girlfriend Mary-Louise, and I really hope her character makes a reappearance somewhere down the line. Also, seeing Burt and Virginia trying out a bunch of ridiculous hobbies was hilarious, with remote-controlled helicopter flying and paintball being standouts.

I’m going to skip over most of the jokes in the episode so we can get right to the part that most Raising Hope fans will be talking about: The big kiss! After a season and a half of excruciating “will they, won’t they”, it looks like Sabrina and Jimmy are finally getting together! While I’m really glad the writers have finally decided to pull the trigger on this, I’m a bit surprised it happened the way it did. You’d think Sabrina might be a little bit perturbed that Jimmy so openly sabotaged her long term relationship with Wyatt just to be with her. Don’t get me wrong, I’m so glad they’re finally together and it was a very sweet (and funny) way for Jimmy to express his feelings, but I’m just surprised she was so easily won over.

It will be interesting to see how the Raising Hope writers handle this relationship going forward. Jimmy and Sabrina have basically been acting like boyfriend/girlfriend for a while now, so it will be cool to see if that dynamic changes now that it’s official. Can’t wait to find out!

Random Thoughts:

– Did anybody else jump at the beginning when Virginia kicked the hackey-sack at the screen? Maybe I’m just wound up a little bit too tight.

– I love that Brogurt made a brief reappearance!

– Virginia’s exaggerated “falling head over heels” motion was hilarious.