New Girl “Valentine’s Day” Review

New Girl fans, let me just tell you this: I am a little bit in love with Schmidt. Seriously. I was considering having WWSD? bracelets made up, but then I realized that my friends and family might make me construct my own D-bag jar for even having that thought, so I quickly abandoned the plan. That being said, it gave me great pleasure to watch Schmidt finally, finally get what he’s wanted all year. Cece. And even though it was a crazy, Valentine’s Day-inspired one-night stand that really only happened because her boyfriend was high on ‘shrooms, I’m hopeful that it will lead to bigger and better things.

At the very least, it was better than Jess carrying through with her plan to show Schmidt the singing wonders of Little Jess. The only one in the apartment who should be seeing that is Nick, but it’s not time for them yet. I kind of like Julia for right now; I’m willing to wait for that relationship to fizzle.

I like to think that Julia is softening Nick up. Right now, he’s too jaded and cynical to ever be with Jess; with Julia, he’s sort of rediscovering his romantic side. The day will come when he realizes that Julia is married to her job. On that day, he will probably be ready for a gal like Jess. I’m patient. I can hold on until then.

There are some people who will never have one-night stands, and Jess is definitely one of them. It’s why she and Nick are perfect for each other. Still, it was wonderfully funny to watch her try, especially with True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten.

I can’t tell what the fall-out will be from Cece and Schmidt’s hook-up. I couldn’t tell if she was mortified or pleasantly shocked during her morning-after phone call with Jess. I hope it was the latter, although the former certainly seems more likely. Still, I would rather not see a broken-hearted Schmidt next week.

Meanwhile, Winston continued to clean up the mess he made out of his old relationship with Shelby. Expecting a hot Valentine’s date, he ended up spending the evening with her girlfriends, getting his pores cleansed and his brain picked. Lucky for him, Shelby didn’t resign him to the friend shelf, and after the gals went home, he got rewarded for his patience. I like her, but I do hope for a better balance between funny and sweet in this relationship. Right now, it’s just pure sugar.

Another funny episode of New Girl that actually moved the overall plot forward. I approve.

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