NCIS “Secrets” Review

NCIS (CBS) Secrets

Tonight’s episode of NCIS is called “Secrets” and while it might seem like the killer, and the real life super heroes he’s killed, would be the ones holding onto them, it turns out that there were some other people keeping a few of their own secrets as well.

When the team is tasked with finding the killer of the RLSH’s, they get a little help in the form of a reporter named Wendy Miller. Why does that name sound familiar, you ask? Well that might be because she is none other than Tony’s ex fiancé, the one that left him before their wedding and invited him to Christmas brunch. So now the two of them have to work together, thanks to Gibbs, who seemed to be quite the plotter in this one, setting them up so they could hash things out.

Throughout this episode, I have to say that I really couldn’t decide if I liked Wendy or not. I mean she hurt Tony and that makes me automatically want to hate her. Then, she admits to Tony that she only invited him to brunch to get a story out of him, which didn’t help matters either. But when she admits later that she did want to see him, that she was ready to meet The One…my heart softened a little. But then there was the usual ambiguous reference to some other woman, the reference that I know the Tiva lovers enjoyed, but I just found a smidge frustrating.

As for what will happen next, I really have no idea but I will say that Ducky’s revelations about Tony in this episode were absolutely fantastic. Pointing out that he knew Tony was in pain the moment he met him, and he could see that Tony tried to fix that pain by chasing the wrong women, just as Gibbs tried to fix his by marrying the wrong women. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant.

My favorite bits..

Totally jumping when the shots came through the flower shop window.

“It says you were doing 80 in a 40.”
“Not the entire time.”

Yes! GibbSlap! I wonder how many that is after 200 plus episodes.

Giggling as hard as Ziva at the idea of Palmer crying his eyes out over losing the wedding caterer they wanted.

“Holy undergarments, DuckMan!” – Haha!

“They don’t claim to have actual super powers.”
“Right, because THAT would be weird.”

Tony asking if the RLSH’s did birthday parties.

Nerd vigilantes. Love it.

“Oh please tell me that you weren’t married.” – You know, with Gibbs, that’s a completely valid assumption.

LOVING Abby’s super hero costume.

OMG! That’s Tony’s ex-fiancé? I had a feeling we were going to meet Wendy at some point.

Whoa, Tony must really be rattled. Otherwise I don’t see him ever grabbing Gibbs’ arm like that.

Tony catching Ziva and McGee listening at the door and chastising them with “Come on, I invented that.”

Tony and Wendy admitting that they had both changed. Aw.

The Clarence guy working out to what sounded like the soundtrack to a super hero movie.

Haha! The big super hero isn’t so scary when his daddy is yelling “No, no, no!” at him.

“These men and women have channeled their angst into something positive. Who are we to judge?” – Very interesting considering last week’s episode. I mean wouldn’t that statement also define what Gibbs did to that drug dealer after the guy killed Shannon and Kelly?

Tony pulling some very Gibbs-like moves in the car.

“Even your car doesn’t like you.” – You know what’s scary? I actually had a car do that to me on a freeway once.

“Hey, maybe it was Tony.”
“Not positive.”

Vance asking Tony if Wendy was telling the truth. Jeesh. Awkward much?

“Since when are you not hungry?” – Whoa, she really does know him.

Finding out that the reason Wendy invited Tony to Christmas brunch to use him for her story? She just lost a LOT of points with me. So not cool.

“If you had to pick, which would you say was your favorite Harry Potter?”
“The one where Harry wasn’t kissing my mom.”

McGee totally figuring out that Tony had made out with Wendy.

“That’s a good question, McGee. You always ask the good questions.” – Aw. Loving the little bit of Tony/Tim friendship. We see so little of that.

Tony jumping out of the van with all his toys.

“Before you judge, just remember, if things had gone differently, this could have been McGee.”

Spandexia thinking that Abby’s clothes were a costume.

Tony walking in on Ziva and Wendy giggling about him. Uh oh.

Ziva’s remark about Wendy, saying that Tony told the truth to everyone but himself.

Ducky admitting that he knew from the day he met Tony that he was a man in pain. Wow, just…

Gibbs bowing to the real life super hero.

Wendy admitting that she invited Tony to Christmas because she wanted to see him.

Tony turning around in a full circle when Wendy suggested that he was sad and lonely.

Wendy telling Tony that she was ready to meet The One now. Hmm..interesting.

What did you think of this episode of NCIS? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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