NCIS: Los Angeles “Crimeleon” Review

NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS) Crimeleon

Tonight’s episode of NCIS: Los Angeles was like an enigma, wrapped in a mystery and surrounded by obscurity. The team is put on the case of a double homicide and soon enough they are working with Interpol and on the trail of a man only known as The Chameleon. The episode was called “Crimeleon,” probably because said chameleon was a major crime lord, while still managing to hide his identity from everyone, including Callen.

Turns out Callen caught the guy once before, but no one realized at the time who he was. Granger of course wants to blame Callen, and maybe even the rest of the team while he’s at it, but Hetty is having none of it, and defends them just as she always does. But that doesn’t really stop Callen from blaming himself and even he has to admit that this guy is good.

Which is why, when The Chameleon and Callen finally speak again on the phone and the man threatens Callen’s life, I started to feel real worry. Callen is good, but it looks like this guy might even be better and from the look on Callen’s face after that phone call, I think he knows that. I have no doubt we’ll be seeing Mr. Chameleon again sometime soon.

In the meantime, the episode was one of those sneaky two-parters. It wasn’t really a two-parter because there was no “To be continued.” at the end, but it was sort of one because the final minute basically led up to what is apparently going to happen in next week’s episode. Turns out that Granger is there to catch a killer and next we’ll find out just who he thinks that is.

Have I mentioned recently how much I love February sweeps? No? Well, I do. Just because they bring us interesting and exciting episodes like the ones we’ve had so far, and the ones that are still yet to come.

My favorite bits..

“Real men drink coffee, not fruit smoothies.”

Hehe…Kensi said woody.

“You realize I could’ve choked to death?”
“On the woody?”
“I always figured Deeks would go out like that.” – I couldn’t not decide whose comeback was funnier, Callen’s or Sam’s.

Yes! The whistle!

Grrr…hiiiisss..Granger is back. Still love him, but just loving kinda hating him for the moment.

Okay is anyone else confused? Who is the guy in the bandages? My head hurts. LOL.

“He doesn’t need defending. But if you try to take down my team, YOU will.” – Is it possible for Hetty to be any more badass? I really don’t think so.

Sam making fun of Eric for being a jigsaw champion…..before he made the comment about his grammy.

Callen admitting that another person is the best chameleon he’s ever seen? Whoa.

Okay so am I the only suspecting the Interpol Agent of being the chameleon?

Loving Kensi’s tats.

“The car doesn’t look that good when you drive it.” – Haha.

Kensi talking about what the voices in her head say around “that time of the month.” And here I thought I was the only one..

“There’s obviously just one thing on that guy’s mind.”
“How’s that any different from somebody like, say, you Deeks?”

Loving the entire conversation between the team over their radios as they all sat in different places around the club. That was five minutes of some amazing team interaction.

Oh boy, this is getting so creepy.

Granger getting grumpy when both Eric and Nell raised their hands to talk.

Uh oh…..not agent Kallstrom? Oh boy! My suspicions are becoming more definite.

Deeks pointing out to Granger that the chameleon had been good enough to fool Granger, too.

Oh crap, there goes my theory. How is it possible that the guy I suspected of being The Chameleon died not once, but twice?

The Chameleon saying that the only thing he cares about is killing Callen.

Callen showing actual fear after the Chameleon’s threat.

Hetty flat out asking Granger if he was trying to bring down her team.

I didn’t think it was possible to end the episode more confused than when I started, but Granger’s answer (delivered in the Final Blackout Moment), did it. Wow!

What did you think of this episode of NCIS: Los Angeles? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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