Justified “Thick as Mud” Review

Oh, Justified. Every week I look forward to watching you, and every week you do not disappoint. “Thick as Mud” picked up from last week with Dewey in a bathtub with two incisions. He’s told that his kidneys can fetch a pretty price and if he wants them returned to his body (which will prevent him from suffering a horrible sounding death) that he has four hours to get twenty thousand dollars.

We all know Dewey is the brightest bulb in the box, and his robberies of course tip off the Marshall service, and in strolls Raylan to save the day. Organ harvesting seems a little bit too much like an urban legend, and after a bit of research, Raylan finds himself smack dab in the middle of the harvesting ring.

And pretty much my worst nightmare, but I digress.

Meanwhile, Boyd has words with Quarels and seems to come out pretty well… and by that I mean Boyd didn’t get shot and didn’t shoot anybody. Instead he just roughed up Quarels man with what appeared to be a metal pipe, but it got Quarles’ attention, which was Boyd’s end game.

In a more domestic place, Raylan is dealing with Winona who would seem to be acting like everything is just dandy, and she’s in love with Raylan, but what was that letter she left (at least I assume it was her that left it) for him? Why did we not get to see even a peek at it before Justified was over? I swear, this show could be three hours long and I still wouldn’t be satisfied.

I have yet to see an episode of Justified that isn’t amazing and doesn’t leave me wanting more. “Thick as Mud” was no exception. The writing is always spot on with drama, humor, and even romance. Honestly, who doesn’t love Boyd and Ava? The writers ability to pull of that relationship and make it seem realistic is amazing to me.

I am curious to find out exactly what happens with Raylan and Winona, and if after this close call if Raylan will consider leaving Kentucky or changing jobs totally. I don’t think Raylan will ever be happy not being a Marshall, but it’s a possibility given what he said to Art at the end of this episode.

All in all, another fantastic episode of Justified, and now I just wish it was next Tuesday so the story could continue!

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