Glee “Heart” Review

All right, Glee. I am willing to give you “Heart,” this week’s Valentine’s Day extravaganza. After a season that has made me reconsider my love for you, I have to admit, this was a pretty good offering.

But here’s why. There were no extraordinarily unbelievable subplots such as Sue wanting to get pregnant or Will asking his students for love advice. In fact, the only adults who took center stage this week were Rachel’s two dads, Hiram (Jeff Goldblum) and LeRoy (Brian Mitchell Stokes),who have both apparently had major reconstructive surgery since we saw their picture in her locker back in season one. Despite this fact, they were both wonderful, even if their attempt at reverse psychology ended with Rachel and Finn even more committed to their teenage marriage.

Another new face this week was the third winner of The Glee Project, who will forever be known as Teenage Jesus. He joined the God Squad, something Mercedes invented to give herself something to do now that she’s broken both the hearts of her football jock and poor Sam. At the end of the day, though, her Squad ends up being a great example of what true Christianity should be, and that’s not something that’s often seen these days.

No doubt that love was in the air, but if it happened to be between two girls, Figgins wanted it out of his hallways. I appreciated the acknowledgement of the double standard, but when did Santana get comfortable with PDA’s? I know she’s officially out of the closet now, but I didn’t realize she had come out this far.

In an effort to give Irish boy something to do before his hard-earned contract runs out, he wound up competing with Artie over the love of Sugar in one of the better montages of the year. Does anyone else think he lied about getting sent back to Ireland, just so he could get more sympathy from Sugar than even Artie’s wheelchair could muster?

Other stuff I liked this week included Tina and Mike’s sweet duet, the dinner table double entendre with Rachel and Finn’s parents, Puck assuming Rachel must be pregnant, and Blaine finally returning post-eye surgery.

As for Dave Karofsky’s return…I think we all knew that he was secretly in love with Kurt, (the hate kiss was a pretty big clue), but I’m still not sure if I’m supposed to hate him or feel sorry for him. He reminds me a lot of Thomas, the miserable footman on Downton Abbey who, by nature of being born a century before gay rights, makes everyone else as miserable as possible. The only difference is that Thomas feels no shame for it, and is highly unlikely to ever see the error of his ways.

I think it would have been all right if Glee hadn’t decided to make us feel bad for Dave. Not every gay character has to have a heart of gold. True equality means that a gay character has as much right to be a villain as any straight character. That being said, it does help if a character, gay or straight, has a reason for being evil, and isn’t just a slushee-spiking monster like Sebastian.

Can Glee keep up this return to their older, sweeter ways? Probably not, based on the preview for next week. Sue Sylvester…pregnant? Oh crap.

What did you think of the episode? Let me know below!