2 Broke Girls “And The Broken Hearts” Review

The main criticism of 2 Broke Girls has been how its handled its supporting characters: they’ve gone to the extremes in terms of making racial stereotypes out of all of the character who are not Max and Caroline. In this episode, it feels like they’ve tried to sort of, kind of, rectify that at least where Oleg and Earl are concerned, giving them more screen time and plot importance than before. Oleg had a subplot all of his own as he continues to try to romance Jennifer Coolidge’s character.

Now, you can start out with stereotypes and subvert them later on, but as any former Glee fan will testify, that thing is easier said than done. Unfortunately at the episode’s end, it doesn’t feel like Oleg and Earl are much more than punching bags for fairly lame jokes. The show tried to expand on Earl and Max’s relationship. Earl has become a sort of surrogate father to Max. But there’s no real evidence for that: they get on well and have a nice rapport at the diner, and Max’s eccentricities will quadruple when Earl is in trouble, as we saw here, but there was an awful lot of talking going on, less showing. Earl likens Max to his family…but why? What evidence is there for that? Has he ever gone to the bat for her? Max goes into crazy mode when Earl wants to have his own room in the hospital…but she gets Caroline to do all of the heavy lifting. There’s no sacrifice on either side.

It was Han who suffered the most in terms of punchlines. He’s now relegated to taking jabs about his height on a minute by minute basis. Look, the character of a show can be racist, sexist, fascist beings. They can be terrible, terrible people (look at Frank Gallagher on Shameless) but so long as the show acknowledges that they’re terrible beings, then its fine. If anything, 2 Broke Girls condones the stereotypes, the lame racist jokes. It makes the show rotten, and it makes moments that could be really lovely (like the Valentine’s Day delivery to Caroline and Max at the episode’s end) fall flat on their face.

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