Lost Alum Henry Ian Cusick to Guest on ‘Fringe’

Henry Ian Cusick

Actor Henry Ian Cusick, best known for his role of Desmond Hume on the ABC juggernaut series Lost, will be making an appearance on the cult-favorite FOX series Fringe.

According to a report by TV Line late last week, Cusick is expected “to play an FBI agent assigned to a Fringe case in the 19th episode of this season” but it is unclear if this role is the same as a role that was revealed earlier for the show that of an ‘Alternate Universe Agent’ who “possesses strength and confidence as well as strong comic timing”.

Prior to his work on Lost, Cusick appeared in a couple episodes of ’24’, the box office film ‘Hitman’ and the straight to video reunion movie ‘dead Like Me: Life After Death’. Since ‘Lost’ ended, he appeared in several episodes of ‘Law & Order: Special Victims Unit’ and in April he will appear in the Shonda Rhimes-produced drama ‘Scandal’ on ABC.

The next new episode of ‘Fringe’ will air on FOX this Friday, February 17 at 9/8c.