How I Met Your Mother ” The Drunk Train” Review

I’m a pretty dedicated BarneyxRobin shipper but if there was ever a woman who would seriously threaten my desire to see RoBar happen on How I Met Your Mother, she would be played by Becki Newton. As a matter of fact, I’d say that one of my biggest problems with “The Drunk Train” was that there was not nearly enough Becki Newton, but hopefully we’ll get more of her later.

Robin’s relationship with Kevin had been dragging on all season and I’ve been waiting for the moment it would fall apart and leave the narrative. I never picked up any chemistry between Kevin and Robin so when he proposed to her all I could do was roll my eyes at the TV. Even Robin seemed to be trying to talk him out of his proposal. Although she said “yes” after he clarified that he didn’t care about her infertility, there was little joy in moment.

Kevin was a nice enough guy, but it always felt like Robin was with him so she wouldn’t have to think about her real problems. He didn’t ask her difficult questions or challenge her emotionally, so he was a comfortable break from her reality. It was the mature thing of Robin to do to make sure Kevin completely understood that she didn’t want children in any circumstance, but I couldn’t help but think that the subject of children was probably something that should have come up well before he bought a ring to propose to her.

Even though the break up was amicable, I sympathized with Robin’s suffering. Heartbreak is heartbreak even if the guy wasn’t “The One.” There was a little bit of a cliffhanger with Ted telling Robin that he loved her, but I’m not so quick to jump on the idea that he’s telling her this because he is in love with her again and wants to give their relationship another shot. I’d hope that Ted knows better than to go all the way down that road again, and we know that things don’t go anywhere with “Aunt” Robin anyway.

Victoria was right when she said that Ted, Barney and Robin haven’t figured out their “thing” yet. Yes, Ted loves Robin. Ted will always love Robin in one way or another. His relationship with Robin has changed many times over the years, but they still have loose ends to tie up. This season has had a theme of Ted coming face to face with the relationships in his past and finding closure and I think this is the last one left.

Robin smoking on the roof and Ted telling her “I love you” at an awkward moment immediately reminded me of their earliest encounters in the first season of How I Met Your Mother. I’d like to think that symbolically their story has now come full circle and that we’re heading in a direction where Ted and Robin will permanently close the book on their love story. Maybe then Ted can finally meet the woman of his (and our) dreams.