House “Chase” Review

Well, this is it, folks! After FOX’s surprise announcement this week that this is the final season of House, we are now officially in countdown mode. With only eleven episodes left, including tonight’s installment “Chase”, it will be interesting to see where the show goes now that they don’t have to hold anything back. On a certain level, I kind of wish that FOX had announced the cancellation a week earlier than they did. That really would have made Chase’s stabbing last week a lot more dramatic. It would have been much more likely for Chase to bite it if we knew that the show was coming to an end. Major characters are much easier to kill off if the show is ending, but we all knew he would pull through last week. Obviously it’s not the House writer’s fault when FOX decides to announce their cancellation, so it’s just an observation.

So obviously Chase didn’t die, and now we get to see his return to the hospital after a three week time jump. Our case of the week involves a former nun that Chase meets while performing his clinic duties. It’s a bit unfortunate that in my review for last week’s episode, “Nobody’s Fault”, I heaped praise on this show for breaking from the formula and becoming unpredictable. Then what do we get this week? A patient who presents with a minor sickness, which gets progressively worse. Also, she’s attractive, and as soon as Chase walks into the room you just know they’re going to end up together.

The other problem with the episode is that we’ve spent the last season and a half not really liking Chase. I mean, he’s attractive and sarcastic and funny and all, but he’s also a bit of a douche. He sleeps with a new girl every night, has been very cold and dismissive to Park, and has overall lost a lot of good will ever since he divorced Cameron. Sleeping with a nun and being reckless with her life is not a good way to build up appreciation. Oh, and telling her you love her after one night? What happened to the “Hit it and quit it” Chase we’ve seen for the past few years? You fell in love like a little school girl!

I understand what they’re doing here. With only ten more episodes after this one, we’re probably going to see a lot more character-centric episodes that allow us to say goodbye to these characters. I just hope the final ten episodes are a little more satisfying than “Chase”.

Random Thoughts:

– I tried to find a shirtless picture of Jesse Spencer to insert into this article for all the female readers. No dice. Sorry ladies.

– What was up with the nun girl using a first generation iPod? I completely forgot what those things looked like when they first came out! Can you believe that the iPod came out over ten years ago now?

– That was a pretty impressive tackle that Taub took. I wonder how they pulled off that stunt.