The Simpsons “The Daughter Also Rises” Review

The Mythbusters opening segment on this week’s episode of The Simpsons was pretty funny – unless you are the owners of the home on the receiving end of a misfired canon ball last December. Equally funny was Bart poking fun at Marge for not realizing the numerous platforms on which television can now be watched. Well it was funny and a bit sobering as I can count at least 4 different viewing platforms in my own home. That can’t be healthy. Speaking of unhealthy things, nothing good can come of Bart and Milhouse playing “mythbusters” at school. I LOVED the kids playing “Eleanor Mackey” in the bathroom and loved the reference to candy cigarettes. For the record, I never picked up a cigarette smoking habit from candy cigarettes but I do have a mean gum chewing habit that still haunts me as an adult. I even have a gumball machine in my office.

Marge gives Homer a Valentine’s Day pass and even agrees to relieve him of the stress of having to read that he was getting a pass. Homer spends quality time with Bart, while Lisa and Marge go out to dinner together. For the record, I completely understand Marge’s concern about the cross contamination of salad dressing due to a misplaced ladle. If you’ve got your mouth set for French, you definitely do not want to taste a hint of Thousand Island.

I wanted to get excited about the “crack head” Lisa made a connection with at the Valentine’s Day buffet but romances rarely end well for Lisa. Besides, we know her true soul mate is Milhouse Nelson. Further, I’m not sure if I trust a preteen that goes around kissing women on the hands. This kid gives me the creeps. And when exactly did Lisa start going to Grandpa Simpson for advice and counsel? That was an odd but enjoyable moment. Only Lisa would get dating advice from the wives of Ernest Hemingway. I would love to comment on the random swordfish but I can’t. I simply can’t.

Random thoughts about this week’s episode of The Simpsons:

>If Moe insists on flirting with his best friend’s wife, the very least he could do is learn her name after so many years of friendship.

>I have such mixed feelings about the use of Public Enemy’s timeless hit, “Fight the Power” in an episode of The Simpsons. I love The Simpsons and love Public Enemy separately but something does not seem right about those two worlds colliding.

>The “all prose must be spare and true” sign in Moe’s bar. That Moe is like an onion, so many stinky layers to that guy.

>”There’s a lot of fish in the sea but she picked out a drunken walrus.” – Grandpa Simpson’s take on Marge’s taste in men.

>Homer playing hacky sack with Ned’s freshly decapitated head.

>Evidently, the person you kiss under a mulberry tree is someone you’ll love for the rest of your life.

Sound off below on this week’s episode of The Simpsons. Finally, I would be remiss if I did not mention how grateful I was for much needed comic relief provided by The Simpsons this week. Like many people, I was incredibly sad about the death of Whitney Houston. As a 30-something, she, Madonna and Michael Jackson were a huge part of my youth. She will be missed. For a nice laugh, check out The Simpsons episode, “Mayored to the Mob.” It features a hilarious spoof of The Bodyguard featuring Homer and Mayor Quimby and a stirring, Simpson-esque rendition of “I Will Always Love You.”

  • Weezerwo

    Love the review.  Grandpa Simpson has been consulted on several occasions in past episodes on various topics.  His answers usually leave a person scratching his head and wondering if something has been missed.  “Fight the Power” should be Bart’s theme song.  🙂