The Cleveland Show “Dirty Dancing 3” Review

There was an ick factor in “Dirty Dancing 3,” this week’s episode of The Cleveland Show, that just isn’t sitting right with me. I know it’s just a cartoon and I shouldn’t read too much into these things, but if Junior was a real little boy, he’d be well on his way to becoming the next great American serial killer.

After years of losing the annual Stoolbend dance contest to Cleveland’s parents, Donna has her eyes on the grand prize, but the only way she’s going to win is by dumping Cleveland and partnering up with Junior who proves to be one hell of a dancer. That’s all well and good, but then Junior went and ruined it by professing his love for his stepmother, even asking her to marry him in front of the entire town!

He’s a soft-spoken geek with rage issues and a mommy complex. It’s not a stretch to imagine Junior lowering a basket of lotion into a well.

I kind of feel like this episode was a comment on how much understated incest is creeping into television shows these days. Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire…if this episode really was poking fun at this creepy trend, then kudos and job well done. Otherwise…no. Just no.

There was a whole subplot with Cleveland going to Little Moscow and finding a Russian dance partner after being thrown over by Donna, but honestly, it wasn’t funny and it didn’t go anywhere. The episode would have been fine without it.

The funniest scenes of the night were of Roberta taking care of Rallo while Donna and the Clevelands practiced for the dance competition. Over the course of the episode, the once-hot Roberta slowly morphed into her mother, muffin-top and all. At least she got a great lesson in birth control.

Altogether, it was a funny episode, but some of the pieces felt a little skewed. And the final dance between Donna and her step-son might just give me nightmares tonight.

What did you think of the episode? Let me know below!