Exclusive Interview: Emilie de Ravin Talks About Beauty and The Beat on ‘Once Upon A Time’

emilie de ravin once upon a time

Tonight’s episode of Once Upon A Time is one I am most excited for because it takes on my favorite fairy tale, Beauty and the Beast. But that’s not all, to makes things even better, Belle is portrayed by none other than Lost‘s Emilie de Ravin with Rumplestiltskin (Robert Carlyle) taking on the role of the Beast. This is bound to be good!

TV Equals got a chance to speak with Emilie de Ravin about her role in tonight’s episode of Once Upon a Time, she talked about the twist on her character, the possibility of Belle appearing in the “real world,” her favorite fairy tale and more.

Read on to find out more and don’t miss tonight’s episode of Once Upon a Time “Skin Deep” at 8pm on ABC.

Once Upon A Time’ is good at putting a twist on fairy tale characters. Can you talk about how the twist on Belle will work in your episode?

Emilie de Ravin: As it always is in ‘Once Upon A Time’ there’s obviously a certain amount of originality kept as there is with Belle. I think this Belle is a little more gutsy, very, very brave as was the original. But she’s just really desperate to, I guess, do something that’s outside of the box whereas most women her age in Fairy Tale Land just accept what they’ve been given in life and don’t really try to make a change or do something that’s really brave and make a stand. So, she basically gives herself up to save her family and friends from the war and goes off with Rumpel, aka The Beast, in lieu of that happening. So, she’s obviously very generous and passionate about her family and friends. I don’t know, I think she’s just able to accept her fate and be strong enough to deal with it and then the surprise turn of course of her actually becoming quite intrigued by The Beast and both of their dynamics changing throughout the episode to a degree that I don’t think that either one of them expected. So, it’s really nice. She’s really the only person that since he turned, shall we say, that has ever even really tried to get close to him or let alone see a different side of him. So, that’s pretty unexpected for him.

Can you talk about her relationship with Rumpelstiltskin and how that affects in the episode?

Emilie de Ravin: Yeah, playing sort of double characters there for him I guess takes on both sides. It takes on the fact that there is something that can break the curse of Rumpel and The Beast, basically, at the same time. A lot of that is revealed and spoken about in the episode which is quite interesting because it kind of combines the two because as we saw in Rumpel’s flashback…not flashback. God, I’m talking in ‘Lost’ terms now. Rumpel, before he took over the sword, obviously he was a completely different person and the fact that he’s become so used to this almost evil character he’s quite wary of the possibility of changing back because it’s all he’s known for so long. To lose that power is a pretty big deal. There’s that old world question of love versus power, what do you pick.

Usually when we see new characters in Fairy Tale Land they also pop up in the real world. Will we see Belle in the “real world”?

Emilie de Ravin: You have to watch the episode for that one, sorry.

What’s your favorite fairy tale?

Emilie de Ravin: Maybe ‘Hansel and Gretel.’

And what’s your least favorite fairy tale?

Emilie de Ravin: God. I can’t even think of them all right now. My least favorite fairy tale, I don’t think any of them are my least favorite. I don’t think that any of them are really horrible. Maybe ‘Red Riding Hood’ because I was always a little bit scared of that.

Do you have a favorite fairy tale character?

Emilie de Ravin: Belle, of course. I’m playing her, of course, but I also didn’t grow up a little princess girl. I didn’t watch any of these movies or have the books. I was kind of into other stuff like Beatles documentaries. So, I don’t have memories of having a favorite childhood kind of stuff like that.

If you could guest star on any other show which one would it be?

Emilie de Ravin: Modern Family’ for sure. I love that show. It’s hilarious.